In a week when OK Go have released a brand new video, you could forgive us for simply ignoring every other promo in order to pick apart and swoon over the latest innovative cut from the music video kings. Except we’re not that short sighted.

In fact, there have been so many great promos this week that we struggled to narrow it down to the usual five (but we did)…


OK Go – ‘The One Moment’

Dir: Damian Kulash

We had to include it.

Their latest video is another viral masterpiece.

The concept: A 4.5 second explosion of balloons, paint and guitars, slowed down to 4 minutes. In doing so it reveals an incredible display of timing and precision. Hit.

Drones Club – ‘Chelsea Girl’

“A heroine, a saint, branded a traitor and isolated from the world she helped”

This new video from Drones Club, looks to highlight the plight of former US Army Soldier, Chelsea Manning, currently serving 35 years for ‘leaking’ confidential military documents to WikiLeaks.

On their latest track, the band say; “Chelsea Girl is a protest song. As simply and directly as possible we want to draw attention to the plight of Chelsea Manning, the former CIA employee who shed light on the darkness at the heart of western civilisation and made our world brighter”

Hannah Georgas – ‘Evelyn’

Dir: Sammy Rawal

With an hypnotic electro beat and ethereal vocals, this track from Toronto artist, Hannah Georgas, received some much deserved attention earlier this year. The new video for ‘Evelyn’, filmed atop the Toronto TIFF Lightbox building, pits the beat driven track against the grey, minimal and concrete landscape – offset by a stoke of colour, provided by Georgas’ orange jacket. It’s a picture as hypnotic as the accompanying beat.

FELIN – ‘Gossip’

Dir: Fredrik Etoall

Some emotional, beat and piano driven Scandi pop from Swedish duo, FELIN. The monochrome visuals provide a raw and haunting backdrop to an incredible vocal performance from Elin Blom.

consuumer – ‘radio’

Dir: consuumer

Who says you can’t dance to some frenetic noise rock? Well, Brighton based duo, consuumer, prove you can. All you need is a car with a working set of headlights, and the world’s a stage.

Sure, the video may be lacking in terms of clarity, focus, story, purpose and natural light, but the track itself is more than makes up for it. ‘radio’ is one of the most exciting tracks to appear on Vulture Hound’s radar for a while – part Melvins, part early Nirvana, with enough fuzz and doom to inspire a remake of Critters.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.