It’s unusual for me to review a stand up DVD, but I’ll give it a shot because it’s from fellow Scot and personal favourite, the undisputed king of comedy Billy Connolly. High Horse is Big Yin’s first stand up tour in six years and is a welcome return of this well-loved British comic. The show, filmed this year at the Hammersmith Apollo, is a perfect Christmas gift to watch during the Queen’s speech.


While Billy isn’t as agile on as he used to be, this due to his recent all-clear from prostate cancer and his current battle with Parkinson’s disease, his stage presence manages to fill the area. Billy goes into great detail about his Parkinson’s, including advice that Alien actor Ian Holm gave him about what to do with his shaky hands in an art gallery, and there’s one particular story about his prostate, involving a gorgeous Jamaican nurse that will have male audience members equally wincing/laughing in complete horror.

The way in which the 73 year old comedic genius tells us about events in his life from as a kid prank calling a lisp speaking surgical supply stockist, various creative types he knew from Glasgow’s famous Scotia pub, a run-in with Aberdonian police and a sudden death of a patient during a charity gig in a hospice will have you in fits of laughter.

The funniest moments for me are events  during the making of Boondock Saints and a tale of unfortunate cats that had a run in with a lost armourer travelling to the set of Rob Roy told to him by leading star Liam Neeson & Brian Cox. This stand up also serves as an educational tool giving advice for those jilted people wanting to exact revenge using only a set of curtains and a bag of prawns he overheard on Radio 4.


Thankfully, there’s not too many cut aways to the audience members laughing which can be very annoying with this type of release, especially when the comic is mid story. When we do see them, however, the full auditorium are hanging on every word he says. Billy Connolly: High Horse serves as a great introduction for new fans to his work  and essential viewing for established fans like me who grew up listening to my dad’s records of this comedic god. A must buy and the most I’ve laughed in recent months.


Dir: Paul Wheeler

Cast: Billy Connolly

Prod: Kim Turbeville, Andy Bates, Helen Parker, Steve Brown
Country: UK
Year: 2016
Run time: 97 minutes

Billy Connolly: High Horse is available on DVD & Blu Ray now