The LEGO brand has always known how to captivate and engage its players, and LEGO Dimensions is no exception to that.

LEGO Dimensions is a LEGO-themed action-adventure video game, allowing you to bring in different characters from different worlds into the same platform. You begin with the starter pack, which includes a LEGO toy pad and a gateway that you construct from real-life bricks. Once you’re done with that, place your minifigures on it, link it up to your gaming station, and you’re off! With waves 1 through 5 already out, September and November of 2016 see the release of waves 6 and 7 of the LEGO Dimensions story packs, with additions such as GhostbustersMission ImpossibleFantastic Beasts And Where to Find ThemSonic the HedgehogHarry PotterGremlins and more.


Recently, VultureHound was invited to a press event to try out these new expansion packs. But as with anything LEGO does, the program went above and beyond the bare minimum. Taking the experience of trying out the new worlds, and making them fully immersive, one could test out the Mission Impossible story pack while “hovering” over a platform on a harness as you play it out as Ethan Hunt. If that wasn’t your scene, then even the most ambivalent of Potterheads definitely geeked out with a cupboard-under-the-stairs recreation while you explore Hogwarts in the night. What took the gold, however, was undeniably the much anticipated Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them dimension to go with the cinematic release, whereby players at the event could go down one story of stairs inside a suitcase, and take a glimpse into the much reclusive world of 1920s Manhattan within the game.

10/10 for presentation so far. Yet, the games themselves hold up to the same high standard. The worlds are immense, and the animation is crisp. Particularly with the Adventure Time team pack, LEGO takes great care in giving some of us die-hard hard fans the specifics of what we love about the original series, with players being able to build, and then go on to explore, the Land of Ooo, with characters such as BMO or Lumpy Space Princess (her weapon of choice being her iconic phone, of course). The one realm that, in fact, surpasses that of Adventure Time, is the one behind Harry Potter, where you get a full model of Hogwarts, and then get to add on the Enchanted Car or the Hogwarts Express should you build them as LEGOs.


When you start out gaming within adventure mode, however, it can be a tad confusing at first as to how to execute the mission for each level. But even if the challenge isn’t immediately intuitive, and you’re just circling around Kingston Falls for the fiftieth time, the worlds are so detailed, it doesn’t really affect your enjoyment all that much. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. For those wishing to explore the complete movie world of Fantastic Beasts, wave 7 of LEGO Dimensions gives you that. For those wishing to just jam out with a couple of friends in a series of Sonic the Hedgehog minigames, there’s that too. LEGO Dimensions both lets you build the worlds and characters from scratch through the minifigures, and then lets you take it a step further with the virtual universe, just for the fun of it all. Building LEGOs has always been about having fun with it, and LEGO Dimensions, and its wave 6 and 7 packs, is no different to that legacy.