It’s the time of the year when we all gather together and give thanks, and it’s always for for the same reason; to celebrate a new OK Go video. Their creativity and craftsmanship is so advanced that most of the time we are left speechless because we didn’t know you could film something like that.

So just in time for Thanksgiving, the band have released a new video to take over the internet. ‘The One Moment’, taken from their latest album, Hungry Ghosts, is a 4.5 second long video, slowed down to stretch over a 3 and a half minutes. Check it out below.

“We triggered 325 events with extremely precise digital triggers to create the choreography, which unfolds over a little more than four seconds,” explains Damian Kulash, Jr. “We shot with extremely high-speed cameras, which allows us to stretch those few seconds over the full length of the song. Our fastest frame rate was a little over 6000 frames per second, which effectively slows down time to be 20,000% slower than we normally experience it. At those moments, we’re seeing things move through the air that, in real life, are moving faster than the speed of sound.”

In addition to the official video for ‘The One Moment’, OK Go partnered with Morton Salt, Inc. to create an interactive version of the clip that salutes five individuals who have spearheaded groundbreaking initiatives to help others. In this version, hot spots pop up that feature stories about the difference makers featured in the clip – leaders whose passion to make a difference in the world began in just one moment. The video can be viewed on the band’s Facebook page. Inspired by the unstoppable spirit of the iconic Morton Salt Girl, the “Walk Her Walk” movement seeks to drive, support and inspire positive change.

In a time when we are scattered, feeling a little helpless and lost, it’s songs and videos like this that remind us there is beauty and magic to be found in just a single moment.