Following on from the release of single ‘End of Time’, London trio Honey Lung have released their debut EP Kind of Alone. Released via RYP Recordings, there’s more grunge than you could ever need in your life packed into these tracks. And you know what? It’s perfect autumn listening.

Opening track ‘Perfect V’ sets the pace with a rollercoaster tempo, swirling guitars and a heavy backbone beat. Capturing the tone of the release, Jamie Batten’s spoken vocals are a force to be reckoned with as they intertwine with 90s grunge-esque stop-start guitar lines gaining momentum as the track progresses. Typically this reliance on guitars is risky, as it can get quite repetitive – especially over the course of a five minute track. However, Honey Lung deliver impeccably quirky guitar lines that keep ears tuned in and attentions held.

Single ‘End Of Time’ follows; louder, rowdier and full of action without offering even a moment for you to catch your breath. Similar to the previous track, ‘End of Time’ puts a focus on the gritty guitars to underpin Batten’s vocals. Standing out on the release for overflowing with angst, it’s catchy, contagious and completely great. ‘Dirt’ throws us in with a touch of feedback chaos before settling us into Honey Lung’s trademark grunge sound. Fluttering from well-rounded verses to manic, explosive choruses, it’s clear that Honey Lung are masters of variety and know that any moments of monotony risk losing listeners.

As we reach the penultimate track of the release, ‘Something’, we’re left with a generic and dull drum introduction alongside guitars that feel recycled from previous tracks. After such a good start, this track brings things temporarily to a halt. We know Honey Lung can perform, but at this point it just feels as if swirly repetitive guitars are trying (and failing) to make up for the lack of lyrics. As ‘Real Reason’ brings us to a six-minute-long close, you can’t help feel that the whole EP has been cheapened somewhat by ‘Something’.

Despite this, Honey Lung are a force to be reckoned with. They’ve got a clear idea of the sound they want to bring to the world and this first EP is more a declaration of intent than a gamechanger, and it certainly gets the message across. Everyone needs some good old fashioned grunge in their life and Honey Lung are providing it.