After swapping the the sun drenched beaches of Western Australia for the uber-cool sprawl of Berlin, singer Matt Gresham is looking back on a year of change.

The Perth native, whose first break came after his 2013 appearance on Australia’s X Factor, hasn’t let the stigma of association with the TV talent show stop him from navigating through a pretty impressive start to his musical career. After quitting the TV show part way through, citing the talent show’s ‘artistic restrictions’, Gresham set about to conquer the charts on his own – and he’s making a pretty good go of it.

His song ‘Whiskey’ released in 2014 won Western Australian Music Awards coveted ‘Song of the Year’, while in May he played an impressive string of showcases at SXSW and completed a sell-out Australian tour. All pretty credible for a so-called X Factor outcast.

His latest single ‘Survive on Love’, co-written with LA based producer Jaymes Young, (London Grammar), showcases a newfound vibrancy and explosiveness to Gresham’s sound. A driving bassline, forward drum mix and uplifting vocal, ‘Survive on Love’ is a rousing pop pick-me-up.

So, seemingly satisfied with the success he had back in him homeland, Gresham re-located to Berlin, and it’s here where he kindly put together Vulture Hound’s latest Guest Playlist – the 10 tracks he been listening to most in 2016.


‘Candle’ – Guy Sebastian
I am a huge fan of Guy’s new musical direction, showcased in this track. I really feel the lyrics paint a familiar picture for a lot of people, living and working long distances away from their loved ones. Musically I think it’s a step in a new direction for Guy – love it.

‘Which Side Are You On’ – Talib Kweli
I love this song, I feel it’s true to the roots of hip hop.I think politically it’s message is a real reflection of the world today, and the fear in the division that is being created.

‘7 Years’ – Lucas Graham
I really appreciate the lyrical journey in this track, a true honest insight into the growth of self through life. The way he tells and builds the story through great storytelling lyrics is very emotive. Plus it’s a super catchy tune!!

‘When We Were Young’ – Adele
I love the space in the production of this track, it places Adele’s insane vocal so beautifully front and center. All of the feels in this one, she really knows how to get you right in the heart.

‘I’ll Show You’ – Justin Bieber
I like that this track seems like a very personal insight from Justin, it’s such an earworm too…. Can’t get it out of my head!

‘Knife Edge’ – Matt Corby
Matt played every instrument on this record, this man is beyond talented. He creates such beautifully emotive music and you can feel the flow that is created by the track wholly being created by one person. Matt really understands drum patterns so knows how to hold you with a rhythm.

‘Pleasure Inn’ – The Scared Rattler 
The song was written about a local nightclub in my hometown, it always makes me laugh and brings me back to my youth – and what a voice.

‘Where The Gods Lived’ – Ricky Green
Ricky Green’s music and in particularly this track reminds me of surfing in my home state Western Australia. His songwriting is incredible and I love  the way the structure in his songs has grown so much over the years.

‘Learn It All Again Tomorrow’– Ben & Ellen Harper
I love the message in this song, how in life if we don’t learn the lesson in one relationship we then bring it to the next and we learn it all again tomorrow.

‘Stand Up For It’ – Brett Dennen
I am a huge fan of Paul Simon’s Graceland record and you can hear how Brett has been influenced by this album. Brett’s guitar playing is incredible and super percussive, which I love.

‘Survive on Love’ is out now via Warner Music Germany.


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By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.