Well that was a nice short, in the end. Sure, it’s got brutal fights, breaking bones and banged-up faces but at least the two protagonists are free to live their lives together in the end. And that’s nice at least. Their wounds will heal. Eventually.


Brix and the Bitch is a simple story of two women caught up in an illegal fight club, trying to pay off a debt they owe to the person in charge. And that’s it. Not much else to it. They’re forced to fight one another, which is difficult for them to do, but they know that they have to do it. And, in fairness, they can both take it – so it’s not too much of a dilemma. Thankfully, they don’t make it much of one either with the two characters knowing that they can take the punches and the pain and that it’ll be fine in the end.

There’s a funny moment early on when “The Bitch” falls back into the crowd and an entirely too enthusiastic guy grabs her by the breasts. Thankfully, “The Bitch” turns and kicks his unmentionables to kingdom come. Serves ‘im right.


But there’s not really any drama in the film. I mean, there’s a bit but it’s resolved incredibly quickly. It’s just all a bit quick. I think the ideas probably warranted a longer film, to be honest. The dialogue is nothing to scream home about and neither is the rest of the screenplay. It’s all straightforward and fairly bland.

However, everything apart from that is pretty damn good. The cinematography is flawless. The choreography, flawless. The directing, spot on. There’s nothing particularly incredible about the acting, but it gets the job done. There’s also some quality editing in here, when a bone-breaking punch can quickly cut to “The Bitch” crunching a bag of ice around her knuckles to keep the swelling down. This film is exceptionally well made, there’s no mistake about it.

And, as I say, it all ends nicely. With a bow wrapped around it.

Brix and the Bitch is a decent short film. It’s incredibly well made and fairly entertaining. My only problem with it is that there’s just not much to it.


Dir & Scr: Nico Raineau
Cast: Dre Swain, Alex Marshall-Brown
Prd: Russell Hadaya, Kristen Murtha, Nico Raineau
DOP: John Gardiner
Music: Greg Townley
Country: USA
Year: 2015
Runtime: 9 minutes 57 seconds

By Jordan Smith

Author, film reviewer. Aspiring actor, screenwriter & director person.