Each week Vulture Hound picks a new artist you should definitely be checking out. This week, Samantha explains why The Big Moon deserve your attention.

If you haven’t already heard of The Big Moon, now’s the time to pay attention. A charismatic four piece from London, these girls are an indie-alternative sensation. On record they’re a retro dream, reminiscent of 90s alt rock which is amplified on stage with their warming personalities and immersive energy. The Big Moon demand your attention with gravelly vocals and a riotous energy, and they will have you in the palm of their hands before you know it.

To put them solely in the field in indie genres would be to ignore a great number of factors of The Big Moon. Take the formidable rhythms, the sweet, low toned vocals, plucky riffs that will stick in your head for days – this band are a powerhouse of vibrant musical creativity. Sometimes light and playful, other times grungy with bass lines that grind through to the bone, and occasionally all of this at once, this foursome keeps on giving.

Their sound seems to epitomise an air of DIY music, a band doing their own thing and with similarities to other bands so broad, it just stands as an appreciation and adaption into their own world. Matched with their charismatic personalities on stage, this makes The Big Moon stand out as a group of friends that just so happen to play the hell out of their respective instruments. They perform so naturally in sync, both playful and spellbinding all at the same time.

Probably the most well known track, whether finding it through YouTube ads or just happening to naturally stumble upon it, is ‘Cupid’. Stupidly catchy, fairly comedic, this is a hard number to shake off. It’s a love song with a difference, and not just because of the question of sexuality it raises – as if that even matters. It looks at raw feelings while presenting them in an upbeat rhythm – there’s nothing woeful about this one. Add to that its music video – the girls performing while having all sorts of rubbish thrown at them, from paint, to glitter, to cartons of juice…they just make it look so easy.

Then there’s the Madonna cover. There’s a certain level of confidence necessary to carry an iconic number in your own way and The Big Moon do it perfectly without over-stepping the mark. Their take on ‘Beautiful Stranger’ slows down the tempo to begin with, before running in with the high energy thrash of their collective instruments making a full impact. There’s no intention to improve, just to celebrate it in their own style and make a classic ‘cool’ again.

With songs that speak all truth and little glamour, this is a band easy to relate to, almost making you wonder why you never started a band with your own friends. Casting smiles at each other throughout their sets, losing themselves in the music together, The Big Moon’s slick take on a classic sound is a pleasure to listen to at home, and even more fun to see live.

You can follow The Big Moon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and find their music on YouTube and Soundcloud.

By Samantha Mae

Twitter @samaanthamae