I’ve seen a myriad of average bands perform this year, and as such, I’ve left countless gigs feeling uninspired artistically and subsequently cheated. Friday night at new Cornish venue No.52 however, was not one of these nights.

Kicking off the evening with a bang were Radiosaurus, a big-riffed, vigorous four-piece who were tight in their stage-presence and performed like a well-oiled machine. It’s fair to say that their quirky alt-rock sound was not to my taste personally, but regardless of that I can always appreciate viewing a quality group who evidently adore their craft.


Second up were band that supplied the minuscule audience with a sound mirroring a hefty amalgamation of grunge and punk. Warhorns are a Devon-based three-piece who were everything that I appreciate about live music rolled into one big miraculous daydream. Their sound was fierce, fuzzy, brash, and if the group don’t consider Nirvana to be one of their influences then I’d be surprised. Not only this however, but their stage-energy was captivatingly dynamic in a watch-or-you’ll-miss-something manner. Are you a fan of Dinosaur Pile-Up? If so, then check these guys out immediately.


Looking around the audience at this point, I felt a pang of disappointment. The evening so far warranted a field of sweaty bodies writhing around to the big beats supplied. Yet there were just under 15 non-band members milling around awaiting the next course. In the cut-off county of Cornwall you’d think that music fans would bite the hand off of anyone offering them prosperous out-of-county bands. Yet apparently not, and as such, we shouldn’t be surprised when such bands refuse to return. Come on, Cornwall, get your arse in gear.

Regardless of the lacking audience however, Allusondrugs shortly ascended the stage with grace, esteem and made the large venue feel like we were sat in someone’s living room. They were robust, personal, loquacious, and if the small crowd disillusioned them, then they didn’t show it. Here is a band with a professional flair, combined with an artistically endowed spirit.  What a breath of fresh air!


As fans of the band will know, the group’s lyrics are doused in hidden meanings and intelligible obscurities, and Jason Moules’ live vocals were so crisp and faultless that you could hear every last syllable of these. Not only this however, but said frontman’s addictively quirky, dreamy and amiable nature led for a stage presence that was both endearing and warm. Naturally of course, the remaining three band members followed suit with stimulating stage demeanours, hurling themselves around like children in a playground. These four were merely born to create and perform together!


Highlights of the faultlessly executed set included a beefy deliverance of My Cat; a cheeky and alleged ode to Irn-Bru, Sunset Yellow; and a requested and spontaneous deliverance of Am I weird?, which sounded impressively like its record counterpart.


Allusondrugs are a revelation of our era. They’ve reinvented the typical grunge sound into something far more colourful, and their performance wasn’t something that I’m ever likely to forget. If you can catch them on the remainder of their colossal tour, then I recommend it! They’re the sassiest approachable band that you’re ever likely to encounter.

Words by Keira Trethowan
Photography by Craig Taylor-Broad

By Keira Trethowan

Keira is a fanatical writer/editor from Cornwall. With coffee running through her veins, she can usually be found curled up in a dark room scripting a warped plot, or re-playing an album to the point of death.