Director James Mangold has revealed via social media that the upcoming Wolverine sequel will be called Logan. Logan will mark the eight and final time actor Hugh Jackman will play the fan favorite X-Men character on the big screen and will also see the return of Patrick Stewart as Professor Charles Xavier.

Mangold shared a page of the movie’s screenplay, which promises that the movie will not be ‘hyper choreographed, gravity defying, city-block destroying CG f*ckathon’ and gives us a glimpse at an early action scene in which a drunk Logan/Wolverine is attacked. The page also reveals that Wolverine’s healing factor is diminishing, forcing him to deal with chronic pain – hence the drinking.

Hugh Jackman teased that there would be new information for the movie in the next week or so in an interview with ET– it remains to be seen if this announcement is all he meant or if we’ll be seeing the first footage from the film in the coming days.

It was recently revealed that the X-Men villain Mr. Sinister will be making his cinematic debut in the movie. While it is not known at this time who will play him, the most reasonable assumption is that will be Richard E. Grant, who joined the cast in an undisclosed ‘mad scientist’ role.

Logan is set for a March 3, 2017 release date.

By Stanyo Zhelev

Stanyo Zhelev is a writer and a blogger with a passion for film, video games and comic books. Currently studying for an undergraduate degree in London