William Control – Revelations: The Pale (EP Review)

William Control, the artist started as a side project by Aiden’s lead vocalist Will Francis, returns for Revelations. The album will be split into four separate EP’S; Pale, Black, Red and White. The first EP is the electronic influenced The Pale.

Lead single ‘The Monster’ is the type of track made to be danced to in alternative clubs. It manages to be light and electronic while still being distinctively gothic, carrying the seedy vibe Control has made his signature. Track two, ‘Confess’, channels the downbeat Depeche Mode style we know from the singer and his Neuromantic backing group. In fact the instrumentation sounds suspiciously a lot like ‘Enjoy The Silence’.

When The Love Is Pain’ will please Aiden fans, the catchy chorus and Lost Boys vibes sounds like it has come straight from their 2007 album, Conviction. This is a song you might want to skip from the car to school mix tape with the heavy amount of inappropriate and overtly sexual background noises. The porn backing track takes the song from suggesting depravity to becoming just as smutty as a Pitbull video.

Closing track ‘Mother Superior’ is the weakest on this four-track EP. Although rather soothing, it becomes almost like backing music; perfect for being put on hold on the phone.

William Control continues to be Will Francis’ means of creative release; the alter ego becoming more realised with every record. Themes of lust, morbid longing, submission and domination are still central; The Pale EP doesn’t venture too far from previous releases. Along with a very prominent Depeche Mode influence, the first EP in Controls Revelations collection will be a delight to fans.


The Pale EP is out on October 14th via Control Records