With Luke Cage premiering at the end of last month, only one Marvel Comics character remained who needed an introduction prior to 2017’s team-up series, The Defenders. And now, Netflix have released a new trailer to gear up for the appearance of said character, as Iron Fist strikes in the new promotional feature.


Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) stars as Danny Rand, also known as the titular Iron Fist, in the new trailer. Jones’ Game of Thrones co-star, Jessica Henwick, also makes an appearance in the trailer as Colleen Wing, a well known ally to Iron Fist within the Marvel Comics series. Also seen is Wai Ching Ho, reprising her role from Netflix’s Daredevil series as Madame Gao, an accomplished criminal with a heroin trade in Hell’s Kitchen. The show will also star David Wenham (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) as Harold Meachum, a ruthless businessman that typically appeared as an antagonist within the comics, with Jessica Stroup (90210) and Tom Pelphry (Banshee) playing Meachum’s children, Joy and Ward. Iron Fist will be helmed by Scott Buck (Dexter), who is serving as the showrunner. While for the last two years, Netflix have released two seasons of their Marvel shows per year, Marvel have confirmed that 2017 will see Iron FistThe Defenders and The Punisher all debuting.

Iron Fist hits Netflix on 17th March 2017.

By Andy Oates

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