With a band featuring seven members, five of which all play guitar, the music produced has to be something pretty spectacular to warrant that many strings. That’s exactly what ambitious Finnish seven-piece Teksti-TV 666 have done with their latest offering 1,2,3.

Hailed as one of the most in-demand, must see bands in their native Finland, this new record is a compilation of their previous three EP’s – entitled 1, 2 and 3 – to bring the band’s back catalogue together for the first time.

Teksti-TV 666 bend genres with their shoegaze meets garage punk sound all layered nicely with all the lyrics sung in Finnish. It is just another one of the bands quirks to show they are not willing to conform to any type on mainstream. It may be baffling why they need five guitars but in tracks like ‘Sä et tuu enää takaisin koskaan’ and the eight minute epic ‘Hautakivi’ you can really hear the effects of each guitar and how it adds to the bands layered sounds.


1,2,3 isn’t exactly an album you can just pick up and listen to casually, it needs a dedicated ear to listen to the band’s progression, to hear heavily Dinosaur Jr and Husker Du influenced broken harmonies in their tone. But this isn’t to say they are a carbon copy of these bands, far from it in fact.

Many a fan may instantly put 1,2,3 into the shoegaze bracket, but there’s a lot more to the record than a wall of sound produced by effect pedals or echo laden ghost chords. The musicians have a clear understanding of what they want their final output to be and it is something beautiful.

In an age where bands are trying to do anything to stand out from a crowd, it seems Teksti-TV 666 have done it with 12 near perfect tracks of trend buckling music.


1,2,3 is out on November 4th via Svart Records