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This week; vacuous hate-groups started hating on (and hospitalising) each other, the world said goodbye to Rosetta (the little probe that could) and everyone realised that a man from Cleethorpes wrote ‘Thriller’ (thanks Rod Temperton).

It was also a pretty good week for music videos, so much so that the rather great new video from Grimes, couldn’t quite make the list. Instead we bring you promo’s from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Douglas Dare, Matt Berry and The Dirty Nil.


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘Girl In Amber’
Dir: Andrew Dominik

Skeleton Tree is not an easy listen. A month on from the album’s release it’s still an incredibly powerful and emotionally draining experience. What started out as an accompanying performance film, One More Time With Feeling became something much more significant, as director Andrew Dominik (Chopper, Assassination of Jesse James…) delved into the tragic backdrop surrounding the writing and recording of the album. For those who are yet to see it, the videos for singles ‘I Need You’, ‘Jesus Alone’ and now ‘Girl In Amber’ are insights into just how extraordinarily well the film manages to capture the raw and fragile emotion of an artist trying to find his way through the darkness.


Douglas Dare – ‘New York’
Dir: Dan Jacobs

Working with director and animator Dan Jacobs, Douglas Dare’s latest promo is an incredibly dark (literally) and captivating watch. Playing with the idea of manipulated memory and the role technology plays in blurring that line between reality and fiction, the 3D rendered video visulises some of those key ideas central to Dare’s new album Aforger.  On the ideas behind the video, Jacobs says; “idea of a fragmented/distorted or romanticised memory of a place, and being unable to distinguish between what was real and what is imaginary, or influenced by other imagery”.


Matt Berry – ‘One by One’

Dir: Gerard Giogi-Coll

What is a Wurlitzer organ doing in a place like this? Who is the old man and spraying weedkiller? Why is there a stuffed sparrow hawk on the roof?  Who is the baby on the other side of the glass? – All questions director Gerard Giogi-Coll wants you to consider while watching Matt Berry’s new video.  ‘One by One’ is a classic mix of Berry’s irreverence yet completely straight-faced approach to musical performance.


The Dirty Nil – ‘Friends in the Sky’
Dir: Amanda Fotes

It’s a classic music video set up – a parody of a live performance on some middle of the road light entertainment show, finding humor in the fact that a band like Canada’s The Dirty Nil would (and should) never appear on such an ‘un-punk’ platform. But the costumes are great, as is bassist Dave Nardi’s response to the pre-performance interview.

Oh, and the track ‘Friends In The Sky’ is one of the many highlights from the band’s debut album Higher Power, and sits on par the excellent video for ‘No Weaknesses’, which you can watch, here.


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By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.