Rick (Andrew Lincoln), for the first time in his pre- and post-apocalyptic life, is powerless. He is reevaluating everything he thought to be true in this world. He is terrified for his life, and the lives of his children, and the group. He now knows he is outnumbered and he has lost, regardless. The world is a much bigger, scarier place than he ever imagined…

What amazes you most that it is now Season 7 of The Walking Dead?

It amazes me that my boots are still attached to my feet!

Was it harder coming back this season knowing where you left off?

I didn’t fully take on board how hard it was going to be until the read through, and then it was… We’re going to have to do this… We’re going to have to do this episode. It’s one thing reading a script. Then there’s actually having to do it. You get a sense of the summit you have to climb. Pretty much the first day back I felt it. Within about 20 minutes, I was in pain and said, “Ah… this is familiar. I must be home.” This particular episode as well because it’s a direct pick up. It feels like no time has lapsed from the hiatus. It’s all very, very fresh.

What is the hardest part about knowing the outcome of the Season 7 Premiere?

It’s the greatest television job I’ve had in my career, and it’s also the hardest because you know you’re saying farewell. It’s the Johnny Cash song: “everyone I know goes away in the end.” It’s unique in that way. It’s one of the excitements in that it keeps evolving. It has to by definition. We’re telling a story, and the story has to move forward.


What does the character Negan bring to the series?

We are seven years in and we are only unleashing now probably the greatest villain of the series. It’s a very thrilling and exciting time. It does feel like we are smashing everything and starting over.

What makes Negan more of a threat than those Rick has been up against in the past?

The Governor was much more about secrets. You didn’t know what the Governor was doing. Negan is very clear. He is very open with the people he meets. There is a charm, but there is a terrifying logic as well. Everything is changed. The playing field has irrevocably changed.

What does Jeffrey Dean Morgan bring to portraying Negan?

Jeffrey is amazing. He feels like a presence who has always been here. That’s how easy it has been for his assimilation. He’s also having a lot of fun, which is key to this kind of role. You need to be having a great relish. I love acting with him. He’s so in it, and he makes great choices.

How do you hope the audience feels after they watch the Season 7 Premiere?

I hope they recognise the effort and the commitment that everybody – crew and cast – has put into this returning episode, like always. It’s palpable.