The three members of GANG, the Brighton based purveyors of macabre sludge and post rock fuzz, are dead*.

Earlier, it was announced that Joseph Philip Hunt, James Brian Marshall Tormey and Eric Niall Tormey were found dead inside a rural, disused church near the village of Kingsdown in Kent. The cause of death has yet to be determined. There were no signs of physical trauma on the corpses, nor any chemical imbalance in their systems denoting a poisoning of any kind. Upon discovery it was noted that all hair had been removed from one of their bodies. The members of the band seem to have died without cause or explanation.

The story became even more bizarre when it was revealed that, carved into the door of the village church was this message:

“Gang are dead, left lifeless in this temple of lies. They are not us, nor are we they. We are nameless, but you will call us Doppelgang; sent here to occupy their existence, hijack their legacy, and reveal the true nature of things. Humanity pales in comparison to our kind. Nothing is safe.”

Since that initial statement a video has been released apparently documenting their last known moments. The video, for the bands brilliantly dark and aptly named, ‘Dead’, can be seen below. However, be advised, it contains some heavy Romero influences, a dark and disturbing soundtrack and an adorable dog named Ronnie.

This all comes a few days after Joseph, James and Eric kindly agreed to contribute to the Vulture Hound feature: ‘5 Records That Changed Our Lives’. Unfortunately we were only able to find out about 2 of those records. However, the three green Doppelgangers that horrifically killed and replaced Joseph, James and Eric, had no problem finishing off the list.

GANG: ‘5 Records That Didn’t Change Our Deaths’

1. Ty Segall – Twins (chosen by the original band)


The first contemporary, human album we enjoyed together, soon after we first met. At the time we were mainly listening to old earth music like Black Sabbath, and weren’t interested by the modern musical climate on this planet. Then came Twins, the perfect, sugary gateway into the Californian garage rock scene. We discovered many contemporary musicians operating in this plane of existence, that were creating far more interesting music than that of our own realm.

2. Gandalf – Gandalf (chosen by the original band)


To green ears, this is the best psychedelic album of the sixties. Gandalf were very aware of our kind. They signed to Capitol in 1967 as ‘The Rahgoos’, but Capitol despised their name, and suggested they change it to ‘The Knockrockers’. They instead chose ‘Gandalf’, but the label, annoyed at their disobedience, didn’t promote the record or release it until 2 years later in 1969, during which time the band had broken up due to further disagreements with the label. When Capitol finally released the album they put a different record in the sleeve, meaning all copies were recalled. It was only properly released in 2002 by Sundazed records.

3. Slint – EP (chosen by the Doppelganger known as Cire)


13 minutes of human bliss divided into two songs, released between their 2 full-lengths Tweez and Spiderland. The guitars in the first piece ‘Glenn’ are small and delicate, as if they could shatter at any moment from the impact of the clattering, ambient drums. A chugging bass appears at 1:40, sounding almost like an electronic instrument. The second track ‘Rhoda’ is far more distorted and intense, but just as beautiful, ending on a painful, minute long feedback drone. A lovely example of music being emotionally heavy, instead of sonically heavy.

4. Gary Numan – Pleasure Principles (chosen by the Doppelganger known as Imij)


The album that changed me was The Pleasure Principle by Gary Numan. As a fellow purveyor of other realms, Numan arrived from another plane onto earth and brought with him the beautiful synthesis of strings. From the first moments of ‘Airlane’ the melodies of the synthesised strings and his mantra like vocals made me, and continue to make me, feel completely, yet comfortingly, uneasy. His music is like the soundtrack to a dream and a nightmare.

5. Rush – 2112 (chosen by the Doppelganger known as Eoj)


My name is Eoj, these are my words. ‘2112’ is the best album that was created on Earth, Rush are not human. It’s obvious, you are all blind, now open your ears.


Despite recent events, ‘Dead’ is still due for release as a 7″ Double A-side single, on November 25th, via Ra-Ra Rok Records. Pre-order, here.

The band are also still booked to play a series of shows throughout the rest of 2016, including a single launch shows at The Old Blue Last, Shoreditch, London on December 3rd and at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton on December 7th. See dates, below.

04/11 – Boston Arms, London w/ Wand
05/11 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds w/ Wand
06/11 – Hope and Ruin, Brighton w/ Wand
03/12 – The Old Blue Last, London (single launch show)
07/12 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton (single launch show)

*Note: This article contains a sprinkling of Halloween spirited fiction.

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.