When you think of people setting new milestones in the field of music technology and virtual reality, Avenged Sevenfold might not be the first name to cross your mind. However, the alt-metal outfit has just announced that it will be taking part in a groundbreaking 3D/360-degree virtual reality performance on October 27 – the first of its kind.

The event will be livestreamed globally through the VRTGO app, a new virtual reality app that is free on iOS and Android, and in association with Universal Music Group, Capitol Records and VRLIVE. A7X fans around the world will be able to view the live stream on UMG’s newly released VRTGO VR platform and witness the set as if they were actually attending the show (but without the worry of being crushed in a mosh pit).

You might argue that this is another nail in the coffin of the music industry as we know it, especially given the digitisation of music recordings and the (in a sense) death of the LP experience. But even if you have those concerns, there’s no denying that fully immersing yourself – for free – in a band’s live performance from the comfort of your own home is a pretty cool idea.

Heads up, music fans: the future is here. And Avenged Sevenfold will demonstrate that on October 27.

By Tom Roden

Prolific writer, full-time insomniac and caffeine-blooded workaholic. Music deputy editor and quality control officer for VultureHound.