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Each week Vulture Hound picks out a new artist you should definitely be checking out. This week, Ruby explains why KLOE deserves your attention.

Ever known someone so full of sass they insist on writing their name in all capitals, every time? Well meet KLOE, a gorgeous young singer from Glasgow with a voice so sweet and soft you can’t help but be captivated by her music. Don’t underestimate her though, her music is big, loud and makes you want to move. Similar to artists such as Lorde and Banks who are known for their moody style, KLOE contrasts dark themes with club beats to create a combination which shouldn’t work as spectacularly as it does. Teaming that combination with a silky Irish-heavy voice makes it hard to compare her music; it’s clear KLOE’s worked hard to create her own unique sound.

Not only is KLOE’s music a treat for the ears, lyrics such as “tell me fake it till you make it baby” and “keep your problems in a bottle got enough of them to swallow” are just a snippet of relatability in her songs. Using music as an insight into her youth makes for easy and understandable listening; whether, like KLOE you are still in your early twenties, or just looking to reminisce. Latest track ‘Liability’ is no exception, singing about losing sanity over a girl and feeling as though the boy you like should have been warned off of you, can be heard no matter what side of that story you’ve been on.

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Signed to Columbia records and making her way in the industry she has an impressive selection of singles under her belt and spent the year playing various shows, including The Secret Garden Party and opening for Charlie Puth at his London shows. Her confidence in herself and her music is raw, blunt and infectious. Making the stage her own and taking charge of the room is an ability you wouldn’t expect from such a young girl. Unafraid to speak her mind she will command a crowd to dance and tells them they’re shit if they don’t. Even calling out the ‘industry folk’ in the back with their arms crossed; she knows they’re judging her talent and she does not care. She is sassy, bold but not cocky; qualities you want to see in an up and coming artist.

If you haven’t already pulled one of KLOE’s singles up on YouTube while you’ve been reading this, then I’d recommend doing it, because she is what you’ll want on repeat to get you through the week (and I wasn’t lying when I said her name is written in capitals. Every. Time).

Latest single ‘Liability’ is available for download, here. You can also find her on Twitter and Facebook.