Featured photograph above: The Sex Pistols. Photographer: Adrian Boot

From the 3rd November 2016 – 8th January 2017, Proud Camden are proud to present selections of Adrian Boot.  An exhibition called ‘40 years of Punk: photographs by Adrian boot’ consists of photographs snapped up from the artist through the dazzling expressive years of the experimental. From The Clash, Grace Jones, Blondie to The Sex Pistols- Adrian has been able to capture moments of musical nostalgia that will last us a lifetime.  From capturing artists who were just moments of fly-kicking their careers, Adrian Boot captures the reality of the climbing punk rock scene and presents us with an urban shake of artists as normal people through the lens of an authentic player.

VH:    Could you tell the viewers a little bit about who you are? [name, location, how would  you describe yourself?]

Adrian:  I escaped London this year and now live on the Dorset coast. I am a photographer and run www.urbanimage.tv

VH:      How would you describe photography in three words

Adrian:  ‘Stealing people’s ghosts’. Bunny Wailer once refused a photo session on the basis that I was stealing his ghost.


VH:      Do you have a process before jumping into a photo shoot or are you all about spontaneity?

Adrian: Not really and no it’s not just spontaneity. I record people and events – they already exist and if I’m lucky my presence doesn’t intrude too much.

Siouxsie Sioux. Photographer: Adrian Boot
Siouxsie Sioux. Photographer: Adrian Boot

VH:   It must be amazing being a music photographer; capturing moments that will last a lifetime. Capturing the essence of each star in their element – was there a special moment or connection you had with any star whilst capturing?

Adrian: There hasn’t been as such. I’m often asked what was it like shooting Bob Marley, or the Clash, etc. At the time it was just a photo session and they didn’t get famous until much later. So for me, it’s like being asked what it was like photographing anyone.

VH:    Proud Camden will be presenting your work 40 years of Punk- what are your thoughts? Does the exhibition space work?

Adrian: Proud Camden is a great space and is the perfect place for this exhibition. It is in the right part of town and has its own Punk history – once the place where the Clash rehearsed.

VH:       Are you a studio, outdoor, or any other type of photographer –  when it comes to location?

Adrian: I have worked in studios but prefer real locations. Studios are for stylists and art directors. Studios are where you create images to order. I much prefer real situations.

VH:      With technology at hands reach… What do you think of photographers today? Any tips of wisdom for those dreaming of photography as a career?

Adrian: Photography has become ubiquitous. In the past, someone could make a good living as a scribe but these days most people can read and write. It is the same with photography. Gone are days when you needed a high street photography shop to process and print. The technical quality of most amateur digital photographs is much better than the film equivalent.  Imagine shooting a live concert in low light with a roll of 36 exp. colour film and no LCD preview screen. With that, you don’t know what you’ve got until days later. Editorial photography was more about getting those prints onto the editor’s desk ASAP and so you needed a good darkroom.

VH:   Do you have any other future surprises for the viewers?

Adrian: No comment

Well, that’s for the fans of photography, punk rock, art to wait and see.

Special thanks to Proud Galleries.

Contacts below;

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/adrian.boot.14

Website: https://www.proudonline.co.uk/m/52/adrian-boot

By Natalia Santos

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