The cast of American sitcom Will & Grace have left fans puzzled this weekend with cryptic tweets seemingly hinting towards the revival or reunion of the show.

The speculation began when star Debra Messing, who played Grace Adler in the sitcom, tweeted out a photo of her reunited with Eric McCormack, the actor who played Will Truman. This was followed the next day with another photo tweeted by Messing, only this time it showed herself and McCormack joined by Megan Mullally, who played Karen Walker, and Sean Hayes, who portrayed Jack McFarland.

The other three actors have since posted photos of themselves on set, with Eric McCormack holding a script labelled “Hot Food”. Debra Messing additionally teased that she felt “something big” would be happening today. Finally, all four cast members shared a brief teaser that, while at first glance appears unrelated, actually seems to be a tongue-in-cheek way to announce the return of Will & Grace in a teaser that otherwise seems to match a generic science-fiction or superhero project.

When focusing on the words highlighted in red in the teaser, one will see that it actually spells out “Will & Grace is Back”. It would be fair to assume that this is pretty much an official announcement of the show’s return, especially given all the cryptic tweets from the cats members prior, plus the fact all four tweeted out the video. However, this is where it gets complicated. Variety reports that NBC are actually unaware of any reboot or reunion plans for the show, and since Will & Grace was produced by NBC studios, this seems like an odd factor.

Many fans are instead speculating that the return of the cast members into their iconic characters isn’t due to the show being revived, however, but instead indicates that they plan to do a Will & Grace themed video about the upcoming presidential election. Indeed, Debra Messing has been extremely vocal on social media about her support of Hilary Clinton. Additionally, the four co-stars all tweeted out a simple logo that states #VoteHoney, again reaffirming the possibility that the reunion of the cast is rather them getting together to do something around the election. This would also make sense with Messing’s earlier claims about something big happening on Monday, with the presidential debate scheduled for Monday night in America.

Whatever the four are planning, fans can rest assured that we will likely hear more on it sooner rather than later. All four cast members have additional cryptic tweets on their accounts that may lead to more information to the eagle-eyed fan, such as a “Hot Food” logo, like what featured on McCormack’s script, but with the names of “Lucy”, “Ethel”, “Ricky” and “Fred” above it, the names of the characters that featured in I Love Lucy. Their marketing for whatever project they have planned is indeed interesting, and one that is sure to get any Will & Grace fan keen to find out more.