I have a tendency to become obsessed with one show, possibly re-watch it and obsess about it until either the next season comes out or until I watch it again or until another show distracts me. Unfortunately after I obsessed about Gotham: Rise of the Villains after getting through it at a good and decent pace on Netflix I found myself with nothing to watch. Films are for in between but TV is there for the mornings over breakfast, longer than planned train journeys and for those days where I just want to watch a couple of episodes of something. I’ve been obsessing over another show I didn’t think I would from a director I’m not a fan of.

Mr Robot

MR. ROBOT -- "hellofriend.mov" Episode 101 -- Pictured: Rami Malek as Elliot -- (Photo by: Sarah Shatz/USA Network)

I’m actually quite late to this party, mainly because I only acquired Amazon Prime in the last few months and other things have been on my mind. With lots of friends telling me how good it was and not to mention the hype that was round it, put me off but one morning I watched it over breakfast and I slowly got through season one. Hackers with all the technical jargon I could never understand was never something I enjoyed but I continued to watch how Elliot, who gradually annoyed me greatly and actually lessened my enjoyment of the show, starts off just hacking those he knows and turns into a vigilante, turning people in for their crimes. That would have been something I would have liked to watch but when it became about destroying Evil Corp, a global corporation that runs the world, I was losing interest, especially as the main character has a drug problem he quickly loses control over. I understand that characters have to have flaws and weaknesses but the junkie genius is over used and quite frankly boring. His mental issues come into question too late in the series for it be shocking and the other characters’ choices become questionable to the point that the whole character changes and not for the better. I wasn’t hooked on the show except for the last two episodes, which were very good but it took too long to get there. I might revisit Mr Robot but not right away.



The first season of Gotham was almost laughable but once they got rid of changed Barbara Keen and Fish Mooney was trapped on an island, things got a hell of a lot better. The gang wars were boring to be honest so I was over the moon when Penguin took over; a brilliant character that never disappoints. Rise of the Villains was in danger of over doing it but in the wake of destruction and death, a brilliant new arc was opened. The hints that Jerome was ‘the joker’ were in the verge of disappointment but luckily someone shot that in the bud, making room for someone less annoying that didn’t look down all the time. Looking down doesn’t make you menacing. The killing of the chief of police was a mistake though. A good female character in a position of authority gone, not a smart move Gotham.



Talk about being obsessed with a show, I watched all 9, episodes that were on Amazon Prime at the time in 2 days. Then I stayed up until 1am for the final episode, I was hooked and I don’t like Cameron Crowe or music that much. But boy did I, do I love the show. I think Cameron Crowe is best enjoyed over 10 hours with more characters than a couple of over 2 hours. Centering around the tour crew for the very famous fake band, The Staton-House Band (terrible band name) as they cope with love, lose, curses, crazy stalkers and the ominous feeling that something bad will happen and it does. Its been flying over the twittersphere that a second season might not be following, down to a couple of bold moves on the show, but as there were several mini cliffhangers and unresolved feelings, I’m hoping a second season does happen. Then I will obsess over it too.



A slow burner set on/in one of the coldest places on Earth. A murder mystery and plus others stories with some of the finest actors, mostly British, with some Scandis and one American, makes for a more terrifying and gripping thriller that switches up several times after the first 3 episodes. It builds slowly but pushes towards some horrifying conclusions that actually aren’t concluded fully at the end. That’s right series two is almost upon us and instead of blitzing a boxset, I will be following along each week. There was a warning at the start of every episode which I waved off at for the first few episodes but as things became more unsettling, the reminder was needed. Gripped by the terrible things happening throughout the series, it was difficult to become attached to anyone (apart from Michael Gambon) due to everyone keeping their distance, which just built up the suspense. In a town of 700 people from all over Europe, there is a strange sense of unity throughout. The similar small town traits, not liking outsiders, corruption buried deep and everyone has secrets makes the show feel familiar but having the edge, a town in the middle of nowhere, Svalbard in Arctic Norway to makes it feel like some other forces are at woek here. Can’t wait for series 2.

Marvel Agents of SHIELD


I’m a nerd. A massive nerd, specifically for this show and have been from the start. But I have always vowed if either or one of my two favourites die/killed off/leaves I will not be watching it anymore. Of course its FitzSimmons. In preparation and the fact that I am super impatient when it comes to this show, I rewatched most of season two and all of season three so I am ready for season four. With Ghost Rider entering the universe and Daisy going full Quake, plus John Hannah is sticking around as Holden Radcliffe, things will take an A.I turn too. Lots happening in the new season.


By Katie Hogan

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