An abundance of choice is the problem most TV fanatics face today — and it seems new shows are produced more quickly nowadays than they can be watched. According to the New York Times, 409 original scripted television shows were beamed onto our screens in 2015 alone. Which is infuriating because, of course, unless you possess Bernard’s watch, own a DeLorean or have the ability to play the Song of Time to good effect on your little Ocarina there, you’ll probably never be able to see all of them!

Unable to transcend this first-world conundrum, I realised it was time to change.

So I took control of my life. I quit my job, broke up with my girlfriend of 10 years and sacrificed my ability to afford food, running water and other items of such preposterous luxury! Instead, I invested my life savings into the best VOD subscriptions, an internet connection of <100mps, two boxes of Ice Mars Bars and enough money for three week’s rent. Life was about to get feral…

Here’s what I’ve been watching…



If you’re yet to plonk yourself in front of this Netflix haymaker, then do us a favour — no, do yourself a favour — get on with it. All the murmurs and whispers are true, Stranger Things is a splendidly puzzling eighties adventure, delving into conspiracy culture, fantasy and from what I can fathom, legitimate science. It’s cliffhangers will leave you scrambling to skip Netflix’s unnecessary 15 second buffer and you could easily get all the way through in a single sitting. I’m currently watching it through for a second time, and at a perfectly paced 8 episodes, you’ll probably do the same.



True Detective Season 1 is by far my favourite drama series of all time — a show that suits being watched on a dark, cold, rainy evening, with a mixture of warm snacks and possibly a glass of bourbon, no ice. The first season is a nonlinear character focused who-dun-it, predominantly following Detective “Rust” Cohle and his partner Detective “Marty” Hart as they piece together a murder case spanning 17 years. Not only is it a fascinating narrative, directed impeccably, it’s also a visual showstopper, with Adam Arkapaw’s inspiring cinematography. I could watch this over and over again.

Season 2 is a feeble shadow in comparison but here’s to praying for a third instalment more akin to the former.



There’s usually a generic sitcom playing non-stop in my house, you know, to fill the silence and to drown out those pestering voices in my head. It could be Scrubs, Malcolm in the Middle, The Simpsons, Always Sunny in Philly or Friends. Right now it’s Friends and what’s not to love about it.



Dinner time during the week wouldn’t be the same without the accompaniment of an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, which is an American based talk show and it usually airs every night. Although it ‘stars’ Jimmy Fallon, who is as hilarious as he is lovable, the show focusses on celebrity guests, making light of current affairs and with the legendary band ‘The Roots’ in tow to provide live music. It’s always a hoot.



Mornings often consist of jam on toast and a cup of tea over an episode of Homes Under the Hammer, and on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the Home channel is likely playing. We’re into property programmes in general, and most recently Phil Spencer’s Stately Homes. This show is a step beyond Location, Location, Location, entwining itself amongst hidden history and groundbreaking architecture. It’s interesting if you enjoy looking at obscenely large, old, sturdy structures that rich people and their paintings live in… In fact, I wonder if they’d notice if I moved in..? And I wonder if they’d lend me the WIFI password..? I’ll keep you posted.

By Ryan James

Not a photographer.