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Without realising it, this week’s selection of videos is almost completely uniform in its delight for all things nasty, wicked, dark and evil. Thank god for Empire Of The Sun.

Youth Man – ‘Look/Wait’

Director/Animator: Oliver Jones

I do love a claymation music video. I also love Birmingham punks Youth Man. Their latest single ‘Look/Wait’, taken from the sublime Wax EP, sees their plasticine selves get abducted by aliens and surgically re-arranged. It’s the perfect gross-out accompaniment to 60-seconds of fast, loud, thrashed-up punk rock. Oh and there’s some claymation vomiting, obviously.


Brooders – ‘Haze’

Images of Hanna Barbera cartoons, the Illuminati and some nasty looking clowns share the screen with Leeds 3-piece, Brooders on their debut video. ‘Haze’ is three-minutes of loud, chaotic and hooky psych-grunge.


The Wytches – ‘C-Side’

Director: John Nolan

The Wytches, get some rather striking SFX to accompany their usual DIY approach to music videos. ‘C-Side’ sees the Brighton 4-piece, complete with freaky magician garb, play host to a circus of horrors, right in the middle of some poor guys living room. But he’s too busy staring in some fucked up J-Horror remake of Videodrome to notice.

On the effects used, director and animatronics artist John Nolan says; “The film uses a number of effects disciplines including animatronics, puppetry, motion control camera work, rod removal and a full cgi neck animation in the final outro, so with a very low budget it was ambitious to say the least”.


Panic! At The Disco – ‘LA Devotee’

Director: SCANTRON + Mel Soria

Satan lives. His name is Brendon Urie and he’s currently getting his kicks from torturing the kid from Stranger Things.

Taken from their latest album Death Of A Bachelor, ‘LA Devotee’ is Panic! frontman Urie’s dark and brooding ode to LA.


Empire Of The Sun – ‘High And Low’

Director: Empire of the Sun

The two recent singles from Empire Of The Sun; ‘Two Vines’ and ‘High And Low’, arrived just at the right time. They’ve proved to be the perfect antidote to those creeping post summer blues. Now we’ve got some typically trippy, psychedelic visuals to go with them. Mix together some imagination, a love of nature and more than a passing appreciation for Storm Thorgerson and you’ve got Empire Of The Sun’s latest visual extravaganza.


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