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Contemplating the concept of infinity brings two kinds of reactions; a feeling of insignificance or a feeling of relief. However, both can be boiled down to this: the problems you have, in the grand infinite scheme of things, mean NOOOTHINNNGGGG. And not only that but your problems mean NOOOTHINNNGGGG an infinite number of times.

So whether it really matters or not; here are some of the best video’s to have stood out from the infinite amount of new music videos released this week.

Let’s Eat Grandma – ‘Sax In the City’

Director: Ben Sommers

Beyond the perceived gimmick of Let’s Eat Grandma there is no denying that sisters Jenny and Rosa have made more than just a passing impact on 2016. Their debut I, Gemini displays a mature understanding and bold approach to song structure that transcend their years. Their latest video for ‘Sax In the City’ depicts Jenny and Rosa’s generation as the innocent play-loving youngsters unaware of the Orwelian shit-storm that awaits them in later years. Yeah it’s weird, but oh so totally accuratre.


Norma Jean – ‘Everyone Talking Over Everyone Else’

Director: Anthony Altamura

In a recent interview with Vulture Hound Magazine, Norma Jean vocalist Cory Brandan revealed that the band do most of their song writing in a room with no windows and just a single lightbulb. Seems that’s how they record their music videos too. ‘Everyone Talking…’, one of many ferocious moments on latest album Polar Similar, gets the perfect visual accompaniment; dark, intense, yet touched by vulnerability.


Warpaint -‘New Song’

Just a week out from their much anticipated new album Heads Up, LA’s Warpaint travelled east to New York to shoot this accompanying video for ‘New Song’ – which is basically just them pissing about in what looks like a Brooklyn neighborhood. It’s good Warpaint fun though, with juggling skills on display.


Bruce O Yates – ‘Circe (Aeaean Paean)’

Director: Phoebe Saatchi

Dream pop meets the Classics. Common themes and connections between rock n roll and Homer’s Odyssey have never been too apparent to me, until now. British songwriter Bruce O Yates’ debut EP Homer looks to explain just how close these two subjects are. “Reading the Odyssey I realised that rock n roll shares so much common ground with the classics; the themes of the rambling/abandoning bluesman are identical to those of the heroes from Homer” explains Yates. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to listen, take a look at the very VHS production of The Story of Odysseus and Circe, below.


Ängie – ‘Smoke Weed Eat Pussy’

Director: Christopher Nilsson

She refers to herself as a “Lil Weed Hoe”, yet Swedish trap-hop star Ängie is making more waves than your average Scandi-stoner. ‘Blunt’ describes this effort best; in your face and about as sure fire ‘viral’ as anything you’ll see/hear in 2016. In other words it’ll get very annoying very quickly, so make the most of it before it does.


By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.