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When I buy a packet of Fruit Pastilles I eat the red ones, I eat the black ones, I eat the orange ones and I throw the green and yellow ones in the bin/out the window/at a passing dog. I do feel bad about doing it because I often attach human characteristics to inanimate objects. The act of throwing away a green or yellow Fruit Pastille means that it has less chance of fulfilling its purpose in ‘life’, all while the red, black and orange ones are almost guaranteed life accomplishment. I guess it’s not fair. </GrammarSchools>

But while a weak political analogy via a confectionary based existential crisis may have been troubling some (none) this week there’s been a bunch of great music videos released from the likes of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Nothing, Dead!, Slayer and Frankie Cosmos.


Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – ‘I Need You’

One More Time With Feeling had its premiere last night. The film, directed by Andrew Dominik, accompanies the release of The Bad Seeds 16th studio album, Skeleton Tree, out today. On first listen, out of the album’s 8 tracks, ‘I Need You’ stood out as possibly the most difficult track to listen to. As it moves towards the final 30 seconds the pain in Cave’s voice becomes almost too much to take. Watching his performance in the video below is a heartbreaking experience.


Nothing – ‘Curse of the Sun’

Dir: Jimmy Hubbard

Taken from one of the albums of 2016 (so far), ‘Curse of the Sun’ was one of Tired of Tomorrow‘s heavier, psychedelic moments. And it gets a video to match. Filmed at shows through New York City, Philadelphia and Washington on their recent headlining ‘Tired Of Tourism’ tour, the video captures Dominic Palermo and his band at their dynamic and energetic best.


Slayer – ‘Pride in Prejudice’

Slayer’s star-studded Repentless series reached a very violent, bloody and absolutely NSFW climax this week as Danny Trejo returned to star in the video for ‘Pride In Prejudice’. If you missed the videos for ‘Replentless’ and ‘You Against You’, you can catch them here.


Dead! – ‘Something More Original’

“We’re talking about the apathy we were surrounded by growing up, it’s that vibe cut in with a proper British rock song”, says Dead! singer Alex Mountford about the track ‘Something More Original’. “There’s a distinct sound of ‘fuck you, this is classic songwriting and you know it’s from England.’” With an attitude like that you certainly wouldn’t pass your 11 plus.

In typically Dead! DIY style their new video for ‘Something More Original’ looks as fun as it does flammable.


Frankie Cosmos – ‘Young’

Dir: Eliza Doyle

Frankie Cosmos’ (aka Greta Kline) new video for ‘Young’ features generation spanning performances. On the new video Kline says; “The video is about Star Quality in its various forms – and how it translates from person to person, generation to generation“. Plus the cameo from a kid called ‘Zazie’ is pretty adorable. So much so I feel bad for including it in the same list as ‘Pride In Prejudice’

By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.