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With post-Olympic blues well and truly dealt with it was time, this week, to face up to some real world issues; our NHS is (still) being trampled on, commercial space flight faces yet another explosive setback, and a bunch of Eton kids, who will no doubt monopolise the Tory leadership somewhere down the line, went to Russia to take selfies with Vladimir Putin.

We also got new videos from Sleigh Bells, IDLES, Die Antwoord, Jenny Hval, Norma Jean Martine and Trentemøller

Sleigh Bells – ‘It’s Just Us Now’

Dir. Derek Miller

Alexis appears to be a bit distressed. Via swimming pool, road run and field her agitation could be the result of a number of things. Derek Miller’s eyes, however, look sinister as fuck. Dressed as an emo-hoodlum and displaying the erratic and sudden movements of a Shinji Mikami videogame character, as he rips through some trademark Sleigh Bells riffs.

‘It’s Just Us Now’ is the 3rd single taken from upcoming new album Jessica Rabbit (due November 11th)


IDLES – Divide and Conquer

“The Health and Social Care Act 2012 abolished the government’s duty to provide us with health care” – one of many messages subliminally spliced into this one. Though the reality is anything but subliminal – it’s pretty fucking clear. As the band put it:

“It was written at a time where I watched my mother deteriorate in a hospital that was itself dying. The song was an observation on how simple financial cuts and the mere action of writing a cross in a box can cut someone’s life short. Today the Tories have started the campaign to sell whatever is left of our NHS or the ‘Sustainability and Transformation Plan’ as they’ve put it. Fuck off.”


Die Antwoord – ‘Banana Brain’

Dir. Ninja & Terence Neale

The story, according to Ninja; “A young girl sneaks out to a party with an unusual thug rap-raver boy and has the worst / best night of her life.

South African crew Die Antwoord have tremendous form in making endlessly watchable and intriguing promos. Although the video for ‘Banana Brain’ has a bit less of the grotesque imagery, there’s still enough of the ‘weird’ to require re-watching. And it’s definitely ‘Zef’…I think.


Jenny Hval – Conceptual Romance

Dir. Zia Anger

Just a couple of weeks out from the release of new album Blood Bitch, she’s dropped this new video for latest single ‘Conceptual Romance’. Powerful visceral visuals – it’s not an easy watch, and it’s definitely NSFW.


Norma Jean Martine – I Want You To Want Me

One of the (many) highlights from Norma Jean Martine’s debut Only In My Mind, ‘I Want You To Want Me’ is currently featuring in the soundtrack to the new Cara Delevingne and Will Poulter coming of age film, ‘Kids In Love’. And while the film may be suffering a battering from the critics, the same can’t be said for NJM. ‘I Want You To Want Me’ is a rousing indie-pop gem.


Trentemøller – ‘Redefine’

Dir. Åsa Riton and Andreas Emenius

Taken from Trentemøller‘s new album Fixion, ‘Redefine’ features vocals from long time live collaborator Marie Fisker – and the video is (again) NSFW.

I’ve never been to a Lidl, but I’m now convinced it must be just like this. Described by directors Riton and Emenius as “A destructive love story between a girl and her prey, involving a text message gone wrong, naked shoppers, eggs and money rain.” 


By Daniel W.

Vulture Hound Music Co-Editor. New music and doughnuts on the South Coast of England.