Trap Them

Through the years Trap Them have decimated fans with their shredding back catalogue. And like a fine wine the band from Boston (via Seattle) have arguably released their best material to date with new record Crown Feral.

Produced by Converge guitarist and hardcore production machine Kurt Ballou (Converge, Beecher, Every Time I Die) the album, due September 23rd via Prosthetic Records, will be the band’s fifth full-length record. Clocking in around the 30 minute mark it’s one hell of a power house.

Guitarist Brian Izzi took some time out from preparing for the bands upcoming tour to talk Crown Feral and how going over old ground has shaped where the band are now.


This is now the fifth full-length album Trap Them have unleashed on the world, what was the writing process like this time around?

Brad Fickeisen (drums) and Galen Baudhuin (bass) have been in the band for three years now, so just that alone added a big element and created a more comfortable sound for them and it just made it easier to write as a collective.

The songs just make for a better record because of that.

Previously you have had different drummers throughout the course of writing the different albums, do you believe it has helped having Brad as a constant on this record?

Yeah definitely, playing with Brad for two albums and playing the older songs live really helped to push this new record forward and make it that little bit better.

You have stuck once again with Kurt Ballou, recording at Godcity again for this record, is it a case of familiarity or is he just that good?

It’s a combination of both. It is really fun and really good to work with someone who just knows what you want. This will be something like the eighth recording we have done with him. Because he knows what we are looking for it means we can just get right into it when recording and he knows everyone in the band really well.

There is a sense of he is easy to rely on but I also think he is the best, especially for the sound that we are doing.

It feels like you are going back over older material for inspiration for Crown Feral, tapping into the old Trap Them, is that how you wanted to convey the record?

The foundation of the music on the new record certainly taps into the first three records we did. There are influences from Blissfucker as far as some of the riffs, but overall this record is tapping into what we thought was some of the best stuff we had done before and use that as the groundwork.

We wanted this record to be around the half-an-hour mark and hit all the moments which make Trap Them, Trap Them. Obviously there are a lot of new touches there as well but we were going for a record that would play out well live from beginning to end. The pace of the record and the song styles and where they land is meant to be like a live set.


I have had the pleasure of seeing you guys a few times when you have come over to the UK and your live sets are always incredible, is that something you work on is getting across that energy of a record live?

Yeah it is definitely something we think about, and certainly for this record specifically. We wanted to make sure every riff fit. It sounds a bit weird but I made sure everything I wrote I did standing up because you have to feel it.

We made specific efforts that the songs on the new record had a bit more immediacy to them so it would come across better live.

You have been a band for quite a while now, and the sound has progressed and evolved, do you believe the longevity of the band has aided that progression?

Ultimately playing this music we didn’t set out to be this popular band we just want to have fun. To be able to have people appreciate the band all over the world and it is something we don’t take for granted. And at the end of the day it is just fun for us to do.

trap them

You are heading back to the UK and Europe in October to promote Crown Feral, is there anywhere in particular that you are looking forward to playing?

We also have a lot of fun in the UK, I feel like London has always been really receptive of us and we always have a good time there.

The whole tour looks really cool and I’m super excited about it. I really like Okkultokrati they are a really great band and Venom Prison are just super intense.

London is probably one of the high points for me.

The artwork you have used in the past is quite distinctive and is once again for Crown Feral, what was the idea behind the artwork this time around?

The concept was basically we felt like we wanted to do something very different to what we had previously done.

The idea was a desolate, no life forms feel and we wanted it to look like and old Clive Baker or Stephen King book.

Officially there have only been two tracks released from Crown Feral ‘Luster Pendulums’ and ‘Hellonaires’, what has the reaction been like from your point of view?

From what I’ve noticed people seem to like it a lot more than the last record already. Most people seem to be psyched on it and I like to think it is a record for Trap Them fans.

Crown Feral

Crown Feral is out on September 23rd via Prosthetic Records.