Comedy Central have released a new trailer for South Park‘s upcoming 20th Season, scheduled to air on US Television this September. As you may imagine, viewer discretion is advised..


The trailer features no new footage, but instead serves as a retrospective for the last nineteen seasons of South Park, giving statistical figures on the absurd content seen in earlier years. With the show hitting a landmark 20th season this year, creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker are parodying similar marketing devices seen throughout various other shows, but with a traditional South Park twist. A previous trailer detailed satirically how South Park would always be there with you as your child grew from birth. Details on what we can expect are scarce right now, but with the 2016 Presidential Election heating up, it would be of no surprise if South Park once again tackled politics, specifically Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

South Park 2

Stone and Parker have previously expressed interest in keeping South Park running until they are forced off the air, but when promoting their upcoming video game adaptation, they discussed the future of South Park, stating that serialized storytelling is here to stay for now, and that potentially video games may be the future of South Park. The 20th season will likely end simultaneously with the release of Stone and Parker’s next endeavour into video games, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, due for release on 6th December. Stone and Parker have found success outside of South Park with projects such as the Team America: World Police film, and The Book of Mormon show which is currently playing in London.

South Park Season 20 premieres on 14th September in US, and soon after in UK, on Comedy Central.

By Andy Oates

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