Sony’s Columbia Pictures are set to adapt Beatrix Potter’s classic children’s book, Peter Rabbit, to the big screen, with James Corden set to star in the leading role.

The film will be a blend of live action and CG animation, and will be helmed by director and writer Will Gluck (AnnieFriends with Benefits).  Alongside James Corden (Doctor Who) as Peter Rabbit, the film will star Rose Byrne (X-Men: First Class) as Beatrix Potter, and Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Elizabeth Debicki (The Man from UNCLE) in as-of-yet undisclosed roles, although likely to be the voices of two of Peter Rabbit’s three sisters from the book, or potentially one as his mother. Animal Logic, the Australian VFX studio behind The LEGO Movie, will handle the film’s animation, with production due to begin January 2017.

The children’s book Peter Rabbit follows the eponymous protagonist breaking into a garden to feast upon the vegetables within. The story is rather well known for it’s short length and simplicity, which does make you wonder how Columbia Pictures and Will Gluck plan to stretch the tale out to feature length. Additionally, the casting of the film may raise a few eyebrows, with some undeniable talent headlined by the odd choice of James Corden who, love him or hate him, is usually known for smaller supporting comedic roles, and usually in animations such as Norm of the North, and not headlining a children’s classic. Only time will tell if Columbia manage to pull it off.

Peter Rabbit currently has the release date tentatively set for April 2018.

By Andy Oates

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