Apparent leaked photos from the set of the currently filming Spider-Man: Homecoming have hit the web, showcasing what may be a new adversary for Spider-Man to face. Potential spoilers are ahead.

The low quality images made the rounds on Instagram and Twitter, with little to verify their legitimacy, but if they are to be believed they show us the first look at Shocker. Shocker has been rumoured to be a villain in Homecoming since San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer, when a fan tweeted out that Diamond Select, a toy manufacturer, mentioned offhandedly that they initially struggled with creating toys for The Vulture, Shocker and Tinkerer based on their appearances in Spider-Man: Homecoming due to a lack of images. The Vulture was confirmed by Marvel as a villain in the film earlier when they revealed concept art of him battling Spider-Man. These reports were later backed up with a supposed leaked casting call list that placed Bokeem Woodbine (Fargo Season 2) as Shocker. The list was considered more reputable later, when Hannibal Buress confirmed he would be playing a coach at Peter Parker’s school, verifying his character listing that the casting call suggested. And now, these leaked images potentially show us what the villainous Shocker could look like within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


If this is truly from the film, it cleverly plays homage to the classic comic book costume whilst also making the suit seem more practical and realistic. Shocker’s appearance within the images harkens back to the classic comic book rendition of the character, as opposed to various alternate interpretations, such as the Ultimate Spider-Man comic books. Within the Marvel Comics, Shocker was originally a criminal named Herman Schultz who developed gauntlets with the ability to shoot weaponized vibrational air blasts that he used to commit crimes and combat Spider-Man. With reports indicating that Michael Cernus (Orange is the New Black) was recently cast as the Tinkerer, the third villain Diamond Select accidentally revealed, it is possible the three villains have a connection, with Cernus’ character creating Shocker’s weaponized gauntlets and Vulture’s wings, or perhaps giving Shocker a different suit later in the film as one rumour would suggest. It shouldn’t come as a shock that Spider-Man: Homecoming has received its fair share of rumours and speculation, with the internet being ablaze recently in reaction to apparent leaked information that actress Zendaya would not be playing a character named “Michelle” as previously reported, but is actually starring as famous Spider-Man love interest Mary-Jane, previously played by Kirsten Dunst in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy.


There has yet to be any official confirmation from Marvel regarding whether or not Shocker will appear as an antagonist in the film, and the pictures have very little to verify them as real, but if they are as legitimate as they appear, Marvel have done a great job at bringing an admittedly silly costume into the films. Woodbine, Cernus and Buress are joining in Spider-Man: Homecoming by Tom Holland, reprising his role as Spider-Man, Marissa Tomei as Aunt May and Michael Keaton, reportedly playing main antagonist Vulture.

Spider-Man Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming is due for release on 7th July 2017.

By Andy Oates

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