Firstly, NSFW. For the love of god, NSFW. Do not watch this at work people. Nazi iconography, and the owners of said iconography being dispatched in ways that Tarantino would find distasteful, are just some of the things that this video throws at your sensitive eyeballs. Slayer have been producing some hardcore stuff recently, but this is the amalgamation of a trilogy of music videos with enough blood, gore and guts to get them greenlit as an HBO series.

Pride in Prejudice is Slayer’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of their star-studded Repentless trilogy. Closing out the journey of the eyepatch guy in typically gruesome fashion, this video is as vicious and as uncompromising as the band themselves. Plus, it sees the return of Danny Trejo after his eye-popping appearance in the first video.