At Comic-Con earlier this year, two separate teasers for the upcoming Marvel Studios cosmic buddy pic Thor: Ragnarok were unveiled by director Taika Waititi. One was an exciting look at the spectacle and action that will be present in the film, with inspirations evidently coming from the comic series Planet Hulk as well as other film series’ like John Carter and Gladiator. The clip has The Incredible Hulk and Thor rushing towards each other to begin combat inside a huge, alien gladiator arena to the sounds of thunderous applause.

The other teaser was a much more light hearted and comedic affair, which showed the every day routine of Thor whilst his fellow avengers were fighting in Civil War, and promptly being ignored by both Captain America and Iron Man. The latter of these clips were shared publicly earlier this week, much to fans delight.

The short has Thor living with a very ordinary man called Darryl in Australia, and highlights the differences between the two as he begins his investigation into the Infinity Stones and Thanos (the man in the purple chair). Filmed in a style very similar to Waititi’s cult mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows, petitions have already begun to turn the odd coupling of Thor and Darryl into a full TV show.

Fan Ty Schmidt created the petition himself, with the simple want to see this become an actual show. According to the petition himself, Schmidt saw in the comments sections how much people wanted this. And judging by the incredibly positive response from fans, it would seem he isn’t alone in his sentiment.

Civil War is available for digital download from the 30th August and DVD and Blu-Ray on the 5th September. Thor: Ragnarok will be released in cinemas 3rd November 2017

You can sign Ty’s petition here;

By Luke Thomas

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