Saban Films have revealed a new trailer for the Nicolas Cage film USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage. Men of Courage is based upon true events, where the USS Indianapolis was torpedoed in 1945, leaving its crew either dead or stranded at sea in shark-infested waters.


A shark film with Nicolas Cage in the lead has the potential to be the hammiest film ever made, but given the fact it’s based upon true events, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage is instead marketing itself more suitably as a more dramatic, serious film. Cage is joined by Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan) and Thomas Jane (The Punisher). The film also stars Cody Walker, who recently completed work on Furious 7 doing pickup shots in replacement of his deceased brother, Paul Walker. Men of Courage is directed by Mario Van Peebles, who has directed episodes for hit shows including Lost, Nashville and the 2016 Roots. While the film is scheduled to be released in the Philippines right now, a set date for a UK release is currently uncertain, although seemingly planned.

USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage will be released worldwide soon.