This night in Nottingham started with the professional photographer whom was accompanying me, squealing, grasping on to me for dear life, near fainting at the sight of MOTHXR front man and Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley. A fitting start to a night spent in a room filled with excited girls. A cynic would follow this thread and perhaps suggest that this guy (is apparently) a bit of a star in his own right, and the crowd are probably just here to see him... Well. I’ll come back to that.

We sadly missed the first support band Fairchild due to some really fun work that’s occurring on the M1, but we arrived to be greeted by the sounds of Natives.


Calling themselves Tribal Pop, Natives are undoubtedly a talented four piece, they sound and look unlike any other, they performed with an infectious energy and everyone in the room seemed to enjoy their set.  Reading up about these guys for this piece I found that they not only come with this sweet sound, interesting look and believable performance but they carry a positive message, and seemingly attempt to spread that with their newly acquired platform. I won’t say I’m going to be their new number one fan, but I admire them.


So then it was time for MOTHXR, I’d never heard of the band, or the front man, and I’ve never seen Gossip Girl, and still probably won’t attempt to. After the excitement of his presence rippling through the crowd, I was surprised as Penn pottered on to the stage quietly and humbly. MOTHXR‘s sound is not my bag, but it’ impossible to say they’re not good at what they do. Their sound is genuinely 100% unique, it’s really chilled and, unable to find a better word they’re floaty.


Instead of leaving the gig pent up and excited like I normally would expect to, I felt relaxed and satiated. Turned out an evening with MOTHXR is exactly the end my Tuesday needed.