A short promo for CW’s Legends of Tomorrow has dropped, giving us insight into what fans can expect from the second season of DC’s superhero time travel show.


The trailer promises more time-travelling escapades that fans loved from the first season, including an appearance from Albert Einstein, one character becoming entangled with the Queen of France, and various costumes indicating other timelines the group will encounter, such as what appears to be 1950’s gangster inspired suits towards the end. The show appears to be sticking to its time travel roots for the majority of the episodes. However, what the trailer provides that may be more exciting to comic book fans is the tease of members of the Justice Society of America, an old superhero group predating the Justice League in the comics. With the showrunners confirming that the Justice Society of America will be 1940’s based within the show, similar to their comic counterparts, fans can look forward to classic members such as Stargirl, who can be seen in costume within the trailer.


The Legends of Tomorrow and the Justice Society of America won’t be the only superpowered groups within the show’s second season, however, with the showrunners also confirming that the Legends will face off against the Legion of Doom this year. Like the Legends themselves, which consist of various heroes and villains from CW superhero shows Arrow and The Flash, such as The Atom and White Canary who debuted on Arrow, and Firestorm and Heatwave who first showed up on The Flash, the Legion of Doom will also use existing characters to form its team. Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk from Arrow, and Captain Cold from The Flash will form the team, joined by fan-favourite antagonist, Reverse-Flash, who appeared as the main villain for the first season of The Flash, and who can be seen briefly within the new promo.

Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 is out now on Digital HD, Blu-ray and DVD. Season 2 debuts 13th October in US, with a UK premiere date to be determined.