As BBC series One of Us came to an end on Tuesday (13th September), the truth behind Grace and Adam’s murder finally comes out, with dark and shocking secrets making their way out into the open, having life changing consequences for both the Elliot and Douglas family, as the secrets that certain family members tried so desperately to hide are finally outed, turning their worlds upside down and bringing things to a dramatic end.

The last episode in the series kicks off with Juliet, one of the detectives leading Adam and Grace’s murder case desperately trying to stop her own crimes and dishonesty from coming to light, whilst Claire is still desperately trying to hunt for answers behind Adam and Grace’s murder, with Rob still in jail for the brutal crime, she frantically tries to clear her brother’s name and will do anything in her power to find out the truth, but as she gets closer to uncovering what really happened to her brother and his wife, she soon finds the truth very hard to stomach.


Despite all of the sub-plots that have been going on throughout the series, which at points have taken the focus away from the main premise of the series, the main focus of the final episode is the murder behind Adam and Grace, and how all of those sub-plots interlink to complete the full picture and reveal the truth behind everything, which is done absolutely brilliantly as everything finally makes sense and the way in which everything fits together is an true example of razor-sharp writing and well-thought out thriller.

To conclude, the episode draws to a very dramatic close as the truth behind Adam and Grace’s murder is finally uncovered and is most definitely a jaw-dropping moment, which doesn’t disappoint and is a worthy ending following all of the brilliantly tense goings on throughout the rest of the series- a brilliant ending to an incredible series. Overall, One of Us is extremely tense, highly dramatic and incredibly well written, with all of the right elements for a solid drama series, this is a definite must watch for any thriller fans out there.


Written by: Harry and Jack Williams

Dir: William McGregor

Prd: Christopher Aird, Colin Wratten

Cast: Joanna Vanderham, Juliet Stevenson, John Lynch, Joe Dempsie, Julie Graham

Country: UK

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016

One of us is now available on BBC Iplayer.