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Now three episodes into BBC murder mystery drama One of Us, things begin to heat up as the police get further into the murder case of Grace and Adam, and with their killer having been murdered by someone from Grace and Adam’s family, they start to get closer and closer to the truth and more secrets begin to break their way to the surface.

one of us tv review

One of Us continues with Rob facing other demons of his own as he receives a visit from the police after the rapist of his girlfriend, who got away from his crime files a harassment report against him, threatening him with prosecution if he doesn’t stop following him. As well as Rob facing other issues of his own, the lives of the other family members begin to fall apart as Claire is struggling to deal with the on-going events and goes to extreme lengths to conceal some key evidence in the murder of killer Lee Walsh. But who for?

one of us tv review

The episode then jumps forward four days, after the family discover that Claire and Rob’s dad killed himself after trying and failing to make amends with Claire after Adam’s death. Claire, who is stricken with guilt after fobbing off her dad’s attempt turns on Rob and things become very tense. Meanwhile, the police head back up to the Elliot’s house to question Louise about the story she told them after they discover a flaw in her version of events. She then frantically calls her husband, but it is too late as the police question him and grow even more suspicious of the two families as their stories don’t match and begin to believe that they know something about the disappearance of Lee Walsh. Then later on, Jamie makes a decision that effects both the Douglas’s and Elliot’s.

Overall, this episode of One of Us was simply outstanding. The storyline unravels so smoothly and flawlessly, it’s utterly gripping, the writing is razor-sharp and the acting is second to none, with several of the characters giving outstanding performances, especially Joanna Vanderham who plays Claire Elliot, Joe Dempsie who plays Rob Elliot and Juilet Stevenson who plays Louise Elliot, who only heighten the tension and drama. One of Us is undoubtedly one of the best dramas on television this year, it’s dark, gripping and has so many cleverly shocking plot twists, it will blow your mind.

Written by: Harry and Jack Williams

Dir: William McGregor

Prd: Christopher Aird, Colin Wratten

Cast: Joanna Vanderham, Juliet Stevenson, John Lynch, Joe Dempsie, Julie Graham

Country: UK

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016

One of us airs Tuesdays at 9:00pm on BBC One.