God Damn‘s latest release Everything Ever is due on September 23rd through One Little Indian Records. If you like radio-ready punk-rock, then this is the album for you. It’s just pop-laden enough to have catchy sing-a-long moments, yet heavy enough to please those of us who prefer something a bit more left of field.

Firstly, the artwork for the album is amazing – just alien enough to be eye-catching but without being in the obscure realm that turns people off. But the album is more than just a captivating visual, opening strong so as to ensure that anybody on the fence about the artwork itself is equally interested.. ‘Sing This’ runs into ‘Ghost’, punching the album into your ears with a ferocity that is both satisfying and jolting. Kudos needs to be given to Ross Orton for producing a record from a two piece that sounds like it has a full band behind it. This record is pop with some brute force behind it, but guitarist/vocalist Thom Edward insists they are still “horrible, nasty songs”.

‘Failure’ falls in the middle of the record at track 6, bringing a grunge-y Nirvana-esque sound and an exceptional f-a-i-l-u-r-e spelling bee chorus to life. Unfortunately, it is followed by the one track I thought this record could have done without. ‘It bites’ seems like a filler track more than anything, the minimal lyrics and repetitive chord structure really failing to meet the standard set by what came before.

Thankfully, we roll back up for the second half of the album. ‘Six Wire’ is a fantastic middle of the road song, and the drum track is super clean. It’s the kind of song you’d definitely have on your long drives playlist, perfect for finger tapping on a steering wheel.

The record as a whole is well thought out and feels like a collection of music that exemplifies a moment in time for God Damn. Tracks like ‘Dead to Me’ and ‘Let’s Speak’ show the black-country duo have a lot of fight in them, and hopefully another year packed with only more incredible tours. The third to last track on the record is entitled ‘Violence’, and god damn, it is GOOD. The vocal is raw and powerful, and it sounds like it’s being torn from Thom’s throat – in the best way possible. Ash Weaver’s drumline is great too, hard hitting and bass-laden, delivering everything you could hope for and more.

Track 13; the final song. A hard one to place, this track is not how I expected this record to end, being surprisingly light and showed that God Damn can exist on a different level. Thom’s vocal is reminiscent of something I can’t quite put my finger on, familiar yet completely individual. If you only listen to a few tracks off this album, make ‘Easily Misled’ one of them – it will surprise you, just like this record surprised me.