Warner Bros. UK have unveiled a first look at the return of haunted doll Annabelle in Annabelle 2, the second in the spin-off series, and the fourth film in the overall The Conjuring series.

Annabelle first appeared in The Conjuring, directed by James Wan, in 2013. The critical acclaim and financial success of the film inspired the studio to produce the spin-off film Annabelle, set for release in 2014. The first Annabelle film was directed by John R. Leonetti (Mortal Kombat: Annihilation), but the sequel will instead feature David F. Sandberg (Lights Out) at the helm. Gary Dauberman, writer of the upcoming It reboot, will return from the first film to write the second. Annabelle 2 will focus on the demonic doll’s origins as her creator, a dollmaker, opens his home up to a nun and several orphans who fall victim to Annabelle’s horror. The film stars Miranda Otto, Anthony Lapaglia, Stephanie Sigman and Alicia Vey-Bailey.


Annabelle soon won’t be the only spin-off to come from the lucrative Conjuring franchise, with plans announced for a spin-off entitled The Nun to enter development following The Conjuring 2The Conjuring 2 opened earlier this year, with director James Wan returning from the first, to critical acclaim once again. With the majority of fans and critics agreeing that Annabelle was vastly inferior to both The Conjuring films, hopefully Annabelle 2 will be more similar to them with regards to critical reception than the first spin-off. While The Conjuring 3 is certainly still a high potential, nothing has been confirmed yet, with James Wan admitting he may not be able to return once again for a third instalment due to his other commitments, such as DC’s Aquaman film due for release in 2018.

Annabelle 2 will be in UK cinemas on 26th May 2017.

By Andy Oates

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