I’m officially back from my excursion up to Yorkshire for Leeds Festival, it was great, thanks for asking. Now that I’m back normal service can resume, and by normal I mean I’m not writing this three days in advance and then forgetting to post it, like I did last week. The come down from Leeds is always a bit of a shitter, going back to work after spending a weekend with some of your best friends and watching bands is a difficult task, made much harder by the passing of yet another legend.

A few of my Final Words have unfortunately been about actors and musicians who have passed away, but the problem is that a lot of the time I feel a deeper connection to someone like Gene Wilder than I do members of my family. I’ve got Uncles and Aunts that I’ve never even met, but Gene Wilder helped me to believe in the impossible.

What strikes me most about the passing of Gene Wilder, is the apparent humility in which he dealt with his illness, and whilst some ‘celebrities’ will sell out for that one last Hello magazine cover story, Wilder suffered in silence all because of the fans, it was the ultimate example of keeping kayfabe until the very end. Nobody asked him to keep that illusion, but I think it just shows the difference between the generations of entertainers, those who come through the ranks of reality TV don’t want to create anything special they just have need to be recognised and make a quick pay packet, seemingly less and less people care about the magic anymore.


I will always miss Gene Wilder, and although he hasn’t made much during my lifetime, it is testament to his work that nearly everything he was in held up, and continues to inspire and entertain. Listening to interviews with him, there were certainly offers over the last twenty years but he had the intelligence and dignity to wait for the right role, which unfortunately never came.

Let Joey Essex and the cast of Geordie Shore have their five minutes, you’ll never have Wilder’s class!

Don’t forget, there is also a new issue of Vulture Hound out this week featuring my interview with Isaac off of Slaves and much, much more and it doesn’t cost you a penny so go and check that out.

We should hopefully be off to check out the Circus of Horrors next weekend, so next week expect me to be cowering in a corner of the internet trying to forget about the scary looking clowns and people who stab needles through their faces. If you happen to be in Derby on the 9th or 10th September you should come check them out to, details are on their website here.