Whether you understand them or not, South African rap-ravers Die Antwoord inspire and astound music enthusiasts throughout the world. Quirky and misunderstood as they may be, DA are nothing short of inventive, brilliantly outspoken and brave. Composed of rappers Ninja and Yolandi Visser and the enigmatic DJ Hi-Tek, DA have often been called out for being controversial and inappropriate.

Sure, you may only know them from the film Chappie, if at all, but they’re consistently racking up millions of views on YouTube for their inventive antics. Here we take a look at their “top” 5 music videos, because let’s be honest, each is as absurdly enjoyable as the next…for numerous reasons.

Common themes include (but are not limited to;) drugs, violence, racism, bad boys, random dancing children alongside the highly sexualised youthfulness of Yolandi. Say what you will about them, but it’s admirable that they find there’s no topic too taboo for discussion.

‘Fatty Boom Boom’

Directed by Ninja, Terence Neale and Saki Fokken Bergh

Album: Ten$ion (2012)

Welcome to Africa, “here we have some local musicians about to kick some funky tunes.” Clad in what some have deemed “offensive” body paint, DA begin their street set after a clear representation of Lady Gaga flees from gunfire, disappearing into the concrete jungle.

You may or may not have to be paying close attention to see that this video pokes some serious fun at today’s pop music. DA are certainly subtle with their messages and unless you’ve noticed the insertion of certain lyrics or the heads of the evil beast in the painted mural in the background…we suggest you give this one another watch for the finer details.

‘Baby’s On Fire’

Directed by Ninja and Terence Neale

Album: Ten$ion (2012)

There are many contradicting stories about Ninja and Yolandi’s real life relationship, and they only seem to enjoy furthering the confusion. This video sees Ninja taking on the role of a hypocritical and protective older brother attempting to manage his baby sister’s sex life as their parents mindlessly exist in the background.

‘Ugly Boy’

Directed by Ninja

Album: Donker Mag (2014)

Nestled amongst the surprising cameos from celebrities such as Cara Delevingne and Jack Black are the usual disturbing Die Antwoord eccentricities. The song itself hints at the rocky and confusing relationship between the featured duo and has been said to be about a South African gangster Yolandi dated during a break with Ninja. At least fans can be safe in the knowledge that nothing can keep them from making sweet music with one another.

‘Cookie Thumper’

Directed by Ninja

Album: Donker Mag (2014)

This one is basically an unnerving concoction that eerily looks at gang culture, drug dealing to minors, and statutory rape. Barefoot and orphaned, Yolandi plays a character who’s a misguided and sexually self-aware “rebel.” The ending is a rude awakening for the girl who has definitely come to some serious realisations but is already too involved with the dark side.

‘Banana Brain’

Directed by Ninja and Terence Neale

Album: Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid (2016)

Here we have the latest production which has already raised some serious eyebrows among fans and critics alike. Although on the surface it seems like some more cute Yolandi antics with drugs and dancing set to lyrics like “you’re so cute like Pikachu,” this creation actually pokes fun at Oscar Pistorius. His psychologist had a few choice words to say about the video, basically claiming they should be ashamed of themselves and that are just out to make money on the tragedy. Although well worth a watch, the question has been raised…are they beginning to cross too many lines?

The Fate of Die Antwoord?

Over the past few days, and due to contextual issues surrounding a recent interview with Ninja, there have been worries over the end of Die Antwoord. Fear not! Yolandi hastily cleared things up saying that their fifth album will be their final, but not their finale (and there’s a DA feature film on the horizon?!)

Their fourth offering Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid is due out September 16th via Die Antwoord’s own Zef Recordz.

By Jessica Flynn

Jessica is a twitter nut who hails from the [not so] sunny south east of Ireland. She's known by many names...@roflcopterftw being one of them.