In their standard spooky style Southampton horror punks Creeper have created a minor news frenzy, the band have not been seen since leaving the stage at Leeds Festival on 27th June. Missing person posters have been seen and have been circulating online and a look at their social media accounts will also point you in the direction of As they would say on Scooby Doo ZOIKS!


A brief look at the website will give you a chaptered low down on the disappearance of James Scythe, who may or may not be connected with the disappearance of Creeper. It seems he disappeared from the Dolphin hotel in Southampton in December this year under mysterious circumstances, which have become part of internet speculation ever since. Reports suggest that he was midway through an investigation for a secret branch of the British Government into paranormal phenomena. Speculation connects various creepy tales and coincidently (?)  concepts that Creeper have focused on in their Eps (The Stranger and The Callous Heart).

This mystery has been regularly evolving and in the latest chapter found footage has been uploaded seemingly showing the moment Mr Scythe disappeared. This tale appears to be nearing a conclusion but will the mystery of a disappearing punk band and an investigator of mysteries be solved or will there be further twists and turns along the way?

However you look at it the purveyors of South Coast Misery are definitely central to this strange tale.

To put this in context I am almost certain that this is a very clever PR process that will lead to announcement of Creeper’s debut LP. The way that this story has unfolded has created a really interesting buzz, as with everything that Creeper do they are walking a tightrope between the sublime and ridiculous. The tale ties together themes from the first three EP’s and offers infinite possibilities to where they take a full length or in the way the characterisation has been tackled a film. Although looking at the way Creeper work there could be something even more spectacular on the way, maybe an 1980’s style super high budget music video like Daft Punk’s Da Funk or Michael Jackson’s iconic Thriller. Whatever happens I implore you to buy into this concept and see what Creeper have in store for us next.