Breaking Glass – The Bowie Catalogue: Episode 4 – Hunky Dory

Ugly things get said in The Isley Brothers bathroom in the latest thrilling instalment of Breaking Glass – The Bowie Catalogue.

On the table (in this case Ron Isley’s bidet) for discussion is our hero’s fourth album, the highly regarded Hunky Dory.

Was Bowie really not much cop at punching other people’s dads?

What is the better song; Changes or Life on Mars?

Which song signifies where he was going next; Queen Bitch or The Bewlay Brothers?

How much admin goes into a band like The Cure to keep it on the road?

What does Robert Smith have to do to get rid of house guests?

Is Richard Burton a priest or a charlatan?

Will the entirety of Tewkesbury be happy with Paul Buchanan’s nibbles.


All these questions and more will be answered on Breaking Glass. Available now on iTunes, Stitcher and Soundcloud (that one’s below).