It is becoming more and more rare, that new bands are emerging and breaking the mould, creating something so far outside the box that you have no idea where or what box it came from. Black Peaks are one of those bands!


If you were to judge a book by its cover, Black Peaks are arguably one of the most unassuming bands around, imagine if you and your mates went down the pub, and you’ll probably look like Black Peaks. There is no bravado, with Black Peaks, they do their thing and they do it so, so, well! It feels as though Black Peaks are on the verge of something that most bands take a couple of albums to-do, they have a sound which has the potential for a mainstream reception, you wouldn’t be surprised to see Black Peaks headlining Reading and Leeds in the not so distant future.



There is nothing that compares to what Black Peaks are doing!