Hunck All Dressed Up

It’s Friday, and all over the world people are counting down the hours til they can go out, hit the town and hopefully find love…probably. Or at least that’s the world London based dream-pop band Hunck are imagining on their latest single ‘All Dressed Up’. But be warned, it’s not a pleasant world. It’s full of rejection, heartache and a whole load of being ‘stood up’.

However, if you’re one of the lucky ones who’s never experienced such woes, you’re in luck, because now you can experience the whole concept by watching the stunning, multi-coloured, papier-mâché clad video for the track, below.

Directed, filmed and produced by the band, with a hefty budget of sixty quid, the video is a trip into the DaDa inspired world Hunck inhabit.


Talking about their latest single, singer Frederik Tyson-Brown says, “Sometimes universal truths are mundane and disappointing. In this day and age algorithmic dating apps can determine the course of a person’s love life, chance encounters with a prospective lover at a naff night club could swell in to whirlwind of romance or maybe that ad you put in The Guardian Soulmates finds you the hummus spreading partner you’ve always seen yourself settling down with in that quirky terraced house in Stoke Newington you will never be able to afford. Dreams, you’re allowed them, but sometimes that’s all they ever are”.

‘All Dressed Up’ is out on today and tickets for their headlining gig at The Lexington, London on August 16th, are available, here.

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