Having seen The Hyena Kill on their recent tour it was evident that the band have passion and energy in abundance and, while most bands would fail to capture that on record, here it is exactly the thing that beats you around the head until you’re screaming for submission. It’s not often that you can actually feel the sweat seeping out of a recording but, on their debut album Atomised, you can. With a production that is as raw as it is polished capturing the band’s energy absolutely perfectly allowing for a sound that is gloriously loud, unhinged yet clinically listenable.

Seething with anger, songs like ‘Your Loss’ and ‘Crosses’ showcase why this album works so well, with Steven Dobbs relentless discordant garage rock tinged guitar work cutting through Lorna Blundells inventive and hard hitting drumming. ‘Still Sick’ and ‘Tongue Tied’ point towards punk and hardcore influences, with the band crashing through notes as Dobbs slaughters the listeners ears with razor sharp screams. It’s a gloriously soothing racket that makes you question how their sound is possible with just two members.

Then there’s ‘The Waiting Room’, a melancholic piece of respite with Blundells haunting voice creating something theatrical on an album which, to this point, has only wanted to beat the crap out of you (and will continue to do long after with ‘Erase You’). It’s moments like ‘The Waiting Room’ and the bridge in ‘Your Loss’ which recall an almost White Pony era Deftones like sound, showing that The Hyena Kill aren’t purely aggressive for the sake of it.

Atomised is the right kind of album, one that is an extremely interesting, diverse and clearly well thought out rock record with choruses that are as listenable as they are discordant. There is a lot of talk about second albums and how difficult they are, but for The Hyena Kill I fear it is going to prove impossible to top what I think is easily one of the best releases of this year so far. Immediate and viciously crushing, the Manchester two piece’s first full length is full of spirit, emotion and personality. Atomised is everything you would want from a debut album, and more. To put it simply – buy this album.


Atomised is out on September 9th via Proud Cow Records.

By Craig Taylor-Broad

Craig is a photographer more than a writer which is strange because he used to spend a lot of time telling people that he was a jack of all trades and master of none.