Seeing as we are coming to the end of the 2016 Olympics, let’s start with an Olympic analogy. In a live setting The Bronx are the musical equivalent of Usain Bolt, out the blocks like a mother-fucking rocket. Before the powerhouse of The Bronx, the unusually large Derby crowd were treated to the mellow sounds of Pounded By The Surf as an appetizer.


The joy of booking a band like The Bronx, is the ability to have three bands in one. Pounded By The Surf are made up of members of The Bronx, essentially what would have happened had The Bronx decided to launch some kind of Shadows tribute act playing Surf Rock with just a hint of Hardcore sound. It maybe wasn’t what you’d be expecting from a support act for a band such as The Bronx, but they certainly did the job.


Fuck, The Bronx are good live! The Usain Bolt analogy is so true, within seconds of hitting the stage front-man Matt Caughthran is off the stage and in the crowd, making tour managers and the security work for their wages. There is sometimes an assumption with a band such as The Bronx who have been doing the whole “music thing” for fifteen ish years that they’d become jaded and bored, well this is not the case for The Bronx. It is quite clear that they go out to have fun, have a party, and make the show an audience participation type event. They prove that there are still some bands from your childhood who you can get excited about.

By Kimberley Bayliss

Kimberley is Vulture Hound's Live Editor and a Photographer.