MØ Makes Sunday Something Else at This Years Latitude Festival; Reviving Even the Sleepiest of Festival Goers.

MO performing live on the BBC Radio 6 stage at Latitude
MO performing live on the BBC Radio 6 stage at Latitude

Once again the BBC Radio 6 tent at Latitude this year was overflowing. The reason this time? MØ (Karen Marie Ørsted) The Danish singer songwriter and electro-pop wizard took to the stage on a hazy, sleepy Sunday afternoon. Her energetic performance certainly blew the dust out of the air as she bounded around to bone jumping beats and belted out addictive catchy melodies. She is clearly having a blast on the stage vivaciously bouncing up and down and the crowd are definitely keen to get in on some of that adrenalin. Low electronic organ sounds open the show in an enigmatic build up before she arrives on the stage. Draped in the luminous blue of the lights MØ opens her mouth and showers thousands of raised hands with ‘Don’t wanna Dance.’ The first of a flawless set. 

MØ has in fact been on the scene for some time now. She premiered at Latitude festival on the Lake stage back in 2013 and has since released her critically acclaimed Album No Mythologies to follow. Since 2013 MØ has found her way to stardom and has been from country to country on a long world wide tour. Her performances though, certainly haven’t taken a hit. She is as animated as ever and positively ablaze as amidst a flutter of energetic dance moves she climbs down from the stage and heads out toward the front of the crowd. A flurry of outstretched finger tips greet her as she shakes hands with her fans, dancing with them and singing Kamikaze over their heads. MØ is renowned for her off-stage performances immersing herself in the crowd and truly engaging with the people who have come to watch her show. Her performance in Chicago back in 2014 saw her crowd surfing and dancing perched precariously atop high security fences. Her presence in this tent is equally fearless and, for the best part of her set we see her bounding on and off the stage weaving in and out of outstretched hands and singing along with her fans. 


The set is a rollercoaster of high energy beats and low drops with no somber moments. Each song plays out a narrative of its own creating a vibe in the tent that made even the most sedate get up and dance. ‘Fire Rides’ ‘Glass’ ‘Final Song’ and of course ‘Kamikaze’ all rolled out one after the other with MØ and her band barely taking a breath in between. Aside from the sounds of deliciously robotic synths and addictive guitar riffs MØ’s vocals are flawless and too absorbing to be ignored. 

Her take on electro-pop verging on hip-hop is definitely unique, she is the kind of musician you stumble across once a decade; equally as in love with her crowd as she is her sound and the energy bouncing between the two entities is something that one would want to bottle and save for special occasions. 


Despite heavy touring over the last few years the MØ gives Latitude her all. It seems she’s spent her rise to fame honing her craft and becoming one with being on stage. Her performance is as confident as it is playful and her and her band create a buzz together that resonates for hours after the show is over.

MØ’s tour continues this year including a number of UK dates in October. It’s worth finding yourself some tickets if you’re after a set that will leaving you buzzing for days but be sure to get in there quickly tickets are selling fast and the dates are quickly approaching.

MOPhotography by Thistle Prince. Featured Image courtesy of  ‘Totally Stockholm’

By Thistle Prince

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