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The gripping murder mystery thriller, written by Harry and Jack Williams, who brought us the unforgettable drama The Missing, starring James Nesbitt last year, is centred around two families who are faced with a dangerous dilemma one stormy night in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands.

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The first episode gets right into the thick of things as, within the first few minutes, we catch a quick glimpse of the two murder victims, Adam Elliot and Grace Douglas, lying motionless in their home with their drug-crazed killer standing over them. Although, at first, these initial opening scenes aren’t very well put together and it is fairly hard to establish what exactly is going on, the premise reels you in from the start and is a very intense watch.

As the episode develops and more characters are introduced, it is revealed that everybody is interlinked, and in fact Grace and Adam’s families are neighbours in a remote part of the Scottish Highlands, who end up in a rather scary situation when the killer turns up on their doorstep badly injured. The families, unaware that this stranger is the killer of their son and daughter, kindly bring him into their home to help with his injuries, but things soon turn dark when one of them discovers from a news mugshot that he is a wanted man.

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From start to finish, One of Us is extremely dark and intense. From the backdrop of the dark, stormy night in the middle of nowhere, to the dark and complex characters, it has everything it needs to get your spine tingling as the story unfolds. The cast only add to the depth and the darkness of the already high-content, with Juilet Stevenson as Louise Elliot, Adam’s mother and Joe Dempsie as Rob Elliot, Adam’s brother giving brilliant performances as their characters, evoking a lot of mystery, emotion and darkness.

One of Us is an intricately crafted drama, with every element, from the location to the weather, adding to the darkness and intensity of the main premise. The initial plot is developing nicely, and shaping into what looks to be a very sharp and clever thriller, with lots of secrets to surface.


Written by: Harry and Jack Williams

Dir: William McGregor

Prd: Christopher Aird, Colin Wratten

Cast: Joanna Vanderham, Juliet Stevenson, John Lynch, Joe Dempsie, Julie Graham

Country: UK

Runtime: 60 Minutes

Year: 2016

One of us airs Tuesdays at 9:00pm on BBC One.