Last Word – 1st August 2016

I thought the first weekly Last Word should be treated as an introduction, if you aren’t a regular reader of the bi-monthly (usually) Vulture Hound magazines they you probably haven’t come across my little part of the world. Essentially the Last Word is my part of magazine where I talk about whatever the hell I want, so long as it is music, film, TV, wrestling or pop culture related (no politics) and now I’m going weekly! Exciting right?

So who am I, and why should you start coming back every (insert day I decide to post this)? Essentially I’m a 28 year old man who watches wrestling, goes to gigs, plays some videogames and watches films and TV, I really don’t lead that exciting a life, unless I’m doing something interview wise for Vulture Hound that’s always pretty good. However, even though I’m not that interesting, somehow I feel the need to shout about everything and anything, and then somehow that became a part of Vulture Hound.

Is it just me that exclusively watches the first episode of “Celebrity” Big Brother? I find something fascinating about watching people who have a slim glimmer of a showbiz career in which they can class themselves a celebrity walking into a house, seriously scrap the rest of it just show me a VT of some lass from Geordie Shore saying how amazing her vagina is and then walking into a house, and I’ve got a good five tweets worth of material.

This current line-up of celebrities is pretty dire in the actual fame stakes, but there could actually be some potential characters as the weeks go by, you’ve got the previously mentioned Geordie lass Marnie Simpson who looks like she could be a laugh, a lady who hates rats but is part of a TV show called Mob Wives, I don’t quite get how that works surely a reality TV show about Mob Wives is giving the game away, so that’s essentially ratting, right? You’ve got the L.A.D positive Stephen Bear who mentioned something about thinking the earth was flat, so enough said with him! There is the brother of Ariana Grande, who wore a god awful jacket and shorts combination (bet you weren’t expecting fashion based banter), a couple of X-Factor rejects, more riff-raff from different reality TV shows, Biggins, and then finally Sam Fox who in all fairness I don’t want to be mean about because she had her career, went away and has come back for the cash, so you can’t really blame her can you?

I think my big issue if I do continue to watch will be James Whale, he seems like a massive fucking prick, and he’s “pally” with Nigel Farage who is a massive prick, so by default I don’t like him.

It remains to be seen if I’ll continue watching, but if I do my money would be on Marnie or Sam Fox. Although apparently according to the man himself, you can get a sure thing on Stephen Bear, but then again he’s fucking delusional.

Before I go, if you are reading this and you haven’t read the previous few issues of Vulture Hound magazine go back and read them, we’ve been on a bit of a roll the last few issues, and you can also catch up on this column and find out what I’ve usually got to say. In all honestly this is actually a day late, in future keep your eyes open for a weekly Last Word every Sunday, I promise that they’ll be better timed from this point on-wards.

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